Patient of the Month for June 2012 – Breast Lift without Implants

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This month, we are discussing the topic of a breast lift, or mastopexy, without implants. This is a procedure we perform on patients who want their breasts to sit higher on their chest. The result is perkier looking breasts, both in and out of clothing. Breast lift is a great choice for women who have some sagging of the breasts, but do not need an enlargement.

The procedure surgically reshapes the breasts, tightens loose skin, and lifts the breasts into a more youthful position. Breast lift surgery also re-positions the nipple and surrounding areola higher, as well as reducing the size of a large areola. A breast lift without implants does not substantially change the size of the breast.

We most commonly perform a breast lift on patients whose breasts are moderate to somewhat large in size (think C or D cup) and have sagged. We will most often perform a “lollipop lift” named after the shape of the incision we make. Technically, plastic surgeons call this technique a vertical mastopexy. To understand more about the options, see our breast lift incision diagrams.

The advantages to this type of breast lift include a relatively minimal incision and scar as well as an improved position and shape of the breast which maintains itself over time. We invite you to view more of Dr. Parker’s breast lift patient before and after photos.

For patients whose breasts are larger than they would like, a breast reduction procedure is performed to reduce the size of the breast as well as lift the breast. This will be the subject of next month’s Featured Patient.

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