Patient of the Month for July 2011 – Gynecomastia Treatment

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This month’s case deals with gynecomastia, enlargement of the male breast. This condition occurs in approximately 35% of males, usually without a clear cut cause. It often regresses within several months after its onset, however, when present for more than 12 months, is unlikely to go away. Patients such as this one are very often bothered by the abnormal appearance of their chest and feel self conscious about removing their shirts in public.

Surgical correction of the problem is usually straight forward in Dr. Parker’s hands. He removes the excess breast tissue with liposuction using one or two tiny concealed incisions, resulting in a “scarless” correction of the condition. Using the Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery program, patients usually bounce back very quickly from their procedure and experience little pain. Patients not only express satisfaction with the improved appearance of their chest, but are transformed psychologically: they are much more self confident and experience an enhanced body image.

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