Patient of the Month for December 2011 – Mommy Makeover

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This month’s Featured Patient demonstrates the power of our Rapid Recovery protocol at the Parker Center. Our patient, an active 57-year-old woman, underwent several state of the art surgical procedures at one time, including a limited-incision “lollipop” breast reduction and lift, a Parker Tummy Tuck and liposuction of her hips—a combination of procedures usually referred to as a “Mommy Makeover.”

With the help of our Rapid Recovery medications and massages, which minimize pain as well as reduce swelling and bruising, our patient was up and walking around the same day as her surgery. She was able to shower the next day and quickly returned to her normal daily activities in a body she felt proud of. The surgeries resulted in smaller, uplifted and perkier breasts, as well as better contoured abdomen and hips. These physical changes have allowed the patient to wear the clothing styles that make her feel and look great.

This patient’s story represents the majority of recovery stories at the Parker Center. Dr. Parker performs technically precise surgery and along with our Rapid Recovery protocol, allows the patients to recover quickly which leads to excellent, natural results.

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