Patient of the Month for August 2012 – Breast Asymmetry

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

This month we are discussing the topic of breast asymmetry. A recent study indicated ~90 % of women seeking breast augmentation have some degree of asymmetry between their breasts. When Dr. Parker points this out to patients at the time of their initial consultation, he says most patients are unaware of this pre-existing asymmetry. In order to obtain optimal results in breast augmentation for the patient, Dr. Parker utilizes a highly individualized and comprehensive approach that takes into account each patient’s breast and chest wall asymmetries.

Dr. Parker will systematically evaluate: 1) the chest wall itself for symmetry and shape, 2) the presence and degree of breast ptosis (drooping), 3) asymmetry of the breasts in terms of size and shape, 4) the position of the inframammary fold on both breasts, and 5) final assessment of the breasts is accomplished during surgery with the patient in a sitting position. This position allows for precise contouring and optimal symmetry.

This month’s patient, Donna, exhibited asymmetry in the size of her breasts, more ptosis (or drooping) on one side, and a difference in the level of the inframammary folds on the breasts. Dr. Parker discussed all of these issues with the patient before surgery, then employed his specialized approach to correct each of them during the procedure. Dr. Parker believes that good results are the end product of tailoring the breast augmentation procedure to each patient’s individual anatomy and desires.

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