Patient Education Continues with a New Fee Estimate Page on Site

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

team_photo_angela_03.jpgAs a New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker, places a lot of emphasis on patient education and with our fee estimate page, you can enhance your knowledge even further. You’d be hard-pressed to find other plastic surgery websites that have their full list of estimates posted right there for all to see. We do this because the education factor that comes along with it is improved tremendously. “We’re doing this because we’ve heard fromour patients what a wonderful educational source our website has been to them” says Dr. Parker. “They are learning about the different procedures, understanding how we pamper our patients, looking at before and after pictures and reading testimonials from other patients.Adding a fee estimate page enhances their knowledge even more.”

In Paramus, plastic surgery patients typically turn to their computers when researching their options. By having our estimates- as well as detailed explanations of what they entail- listed right on the site for all to see, we enable the potential patients to take place in a consultation before they even walk through our doors!

Keep in mind, though, that the figures listed are just ballpark. “The pricing page we are adding is just an estimate, but it gives people searching the Internet an idea of what to expect,” reminds Dr. Parker. “We don’t know the exact cost of plastic surgery until we see the patient in person, perform a physical examination and arrive at a treatment plan.”

>Dr. Parker also warns that if you’re searching for New Jersey cosmetic surgeons and you find a pricing list that seems too good to be true, it more than likely is. There will probably be hidden fees or- even worse- shoddy work.

For may people, the cost of plastic surgery is the deciding factor when it comes to getting plastic surgery. Luckily, we offer plenty of financing options that can be found on our site’s “Financing” page, which can make the prices listed here much more manageable.

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