Patients of All Ages Can Have Facial Symmetry Done with a Rhinoplasty.

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, rhinoplasty was the second most popular cosmetic procedure performed in 2008. Popular with both women and men, it also spans every age group. At the Parker Center,New Jersey rhinoplasty patients follow this national trend ranging in age from the teens to late 50s.


Dr. Parker initiates each consultation with New Jersey rhinoplasty patients by asking them to look in the mirror and verbalize what they don’t like about their nose. He will then perform a physical examination of the nose and facial features, making measurements in an effort to optimize facial harmony. Dr. Parker will then explain to the patient what can be done to improve the appearance of the nose and other facial features.

Following Dr. Parker’s explanation of the rhinoplasty procedure and additional procedures, the patient will meet with Liz, the professional photographer at the Parker Center. Liz will show the patients many before and after photos of other rhinoplasty patients on whom Dr. Parker has operated. She will also show patients the New Jersey rhinoplasty computer imaging simulation program on which she will make changes to the patient’s photographs. This will give them an idea of what they will look like after surgery. It will include adjustments to improve the size and shape of the nose in order to achieve better facial balance. If thought necessary by Dr. Parker, Liz will also show changes to other structures, such as building out the chin with a chin implant,

“This process makes sure that we are on the same page. Once the patient and I have agreed upon a look, I study those pictures the night before surgery and take them into the operating room, much like an artist uses sketches when he or she sculptures” says Dr. Parker.

Dr. Parker uses two techniques to correct the shape of the nose- a closed or an open approach. The closed technique involves making incisions on the inside of the nose alone. It is used by Dr. Parker when the patient doesn’t want anything done to the tip of the nose. The open technique uses these same incisions inside the nose as well a small and inconspicuous incision underneath the nose between the nostrils. This is used when Dr. Parker is going to reshape the tip. “Though the incision is made outside, its visibility is minimal and very difficult, if not impossible to see,” reassures Dr. Parker.

The patient’s desires and their anatomy dictate what will be surgically done to the nose. By fixing an unsightly bump, refining an over projecting and/ or broad tip or fixing a crooked nose, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker, brings harmony to the face. When a chin implant is agreed upon, Dr. Parker makes an un noticeable incision just beneath the chin. Through this, he will insert a solid silicone anatomic chin implant which is tapered at the edges. It is placed along the lower border of the jawbone and becomes part of it, so that it looks very natural.

“No two noses are alike, so the process is very customized,” says Dr. Parker. “I carefully evaluate the facial structure and listen, really listen to what my patient is saying. The end result is a nose which looks natural and is in better balance with the patient’s facial features.”

After the nose job, New Jersey patients wear a splint for a week to remind those around the patient to stay away from the nose to protect it from injury as it heals. Because of Dr. Parker’s a traumatic surgical technique, combined with his Rapid Recovery Program of pre and post-operative supplements and medications, bruising and swelling is limited. When the splint comes off after a week, there may be some swelling and very little bruising, but as one of his patients noted, “I could tell, but no one else knew that I had surgery.” It is Dr. Parker’s goal to get his patients back in circulation within 10 days of surgery.

Patients are almost always satisfied about the appearance of their noses following nose job, New Jersey. In addition to being pleased with the physical changes in their nose and improved facial balance, patients are now more self confident.

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