Paramus Plastic Surgeon Creates Breast Reduction Options in Newly Revised Web Pages

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

In New Jersey, breast surgery in all its forms is common at The Parker Center. Because of this, Dr. Parker places emphasis on the Website pages that address the different procedures. Recently, he completely revised his pages on breast reduction. New Jersey patients now have the latest procedural information at their fingertips.


“I initially wrote the breast reduction pages in 2004,” says Dr. Parker. “But, I was primarily using the inverted T technique so my focus was on that. Now however, for the majority of my breast reductions, I use the lollipop incision because it has evolved into a technique that provides phenomenal results. I realized I needed to address this technique in more detail and add more photos to reflect its results.”

The lollipop, or vertical incision, uses fewer incisions and it gives the reduction a lift with more projection which results in a more youthful appearance. For breast reduction, New Jersey patients benefit from these great results when they need a moderate reduction. Dr. Parker still uses the inverted T for those who have extremely large breasts or severe sagging. Liposuction is also an option when the reduction is minimal.

The traditional inverted T breast reduction uses a horizontal incision in the crease and vertical incision up to and around the nipple/ areole complex. The lollipop eliminates the horizontal incision; the powerful vertical incision also lifts the breast higher on the chest wall and creates a more uplifted, better projecting breast. Long term, the inverted T incision can have a tendency to “bottom out” and have the nipple ride up higher on the breast. The lollipop technique changes very little over time and gives good long lasting results.

“As this technique has evolved over the years to a better technique with great results, I use it more often than other methods,” says Dr. Parker.


“During our consultation, the patient will first tell me what bothers her. After examining the patient, I have her stand in front of a mirror” says Dr. Parker. “We will discuss options for improvement back and forth, reviewing pros and cons until together we arrive at a plan for creating smaller, uplifted better shaped breasts.”On the newly revised pages, Dr. Parker also addresses the physical and psychological impact of extremely large breasts along with the improvements which occur with these procedures. Issues like back and neck pain, headaches and feeling self-conscious are common among large breasted women and these surgeries correct them over 95% of the time.


Women from their teens into their 70’s are referred to and treated by Paramus plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker. These referrals are made by the patient’s friends, family and doctors because of Dr. Parker’s reputation. He is known for the thoroughness of his evaluation, communication of the options and operative plan and a meticulous surgeon who is a slave to precision and detail. Dr. Parker will not leave the operating room until he is satisfied that the patient looks as perfect as possible.

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