Paramus Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, Revolutionized the Recovery Process with his Rapid Recovery Program

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

At the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery New Jersey, Dr. Parker and his staff know that the recovery is often the most difficult part of plastic surgery, which is why he formulated his Rapid Recovery Program.


The time required for cosmetic surgery varies depending on the procedure- anywhere from an hour to several hours. But, the recovery for any surgery typically takes at the very least a week with full recovery in about a month. Some procedures have an even longer recovery time. This time is filled with pain, swelling, drainage, and inactivity and bruising.

“That’s the old way of doing it,” says Dr. Parker. “Our innovative approach to recovery has our patients out of the facility usually within an hour after the procedure and feeling like themselves shortly afterwards.

The basics components of the Rapid Recovery Program include specially designed pre and post-operative medications, short-acting anesthesia medications which leave the body quickly, allowing the patient to emerge from anesthesia quicker without undesirable side effects. Advanced a traumatic surgical techniques employed by Dr. Parker use smaller incisions and state-of-the-art equipment as well as his highly trained staff aid in the process too. Post-operative pain management and lymphatic massage are the final components.

The Rapid Recovery Program is unique to Paramus cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Parker’s practice and there are several reasons for its success.

“There are some basic principles behind our program that allow our patients to recover so quickly,” he says. “One of the major components is teamwork. I have worked with my team of anesthesiologists for over twenty years and they are here every day assisting with surgeries. As a team, we know what to expect from each other allowing our procedures to be performed seamlessly.”

Anesthesia is one of the main culprits of a difficult recovery. Patients may react negatively to it and wake up groggy as well as nauseous. Vomiting immediately after surgery causes pain and impedes the healing process because it causes trauma to the body. Dr. Parker’s team of anesthesiologists is able to avoid this in almost all cases.


Patient education prior to plastic surgery, New Jersey residents is a major principle of the program. Dr. Parker is adamant that his patients spend time with his Nurse Educator before all procedures in order to obtain all the knowledge and understanding that they need for a successful recovery.

“Of course, sometimes our patients forget what we’ve told them about taking it easy the first few days,” Dr. Parker admits. “If there is any downside to the Rapid Recovery Program, it is that some patients may overdo things too soon because they feel so wonderful. They sometimes forget they just had surgery.”

Pre and post-operative medications are essential to the recovery process. Dr. Parker is pro-active in administering several medications which “increase the patient’s pain threshold, reduce swelling and ecchymosis in order to speed the healing process.

Finally, the Parker Center also has its own medical spa in New Jersey which plays a vital role in the Rapid Recovery program. This is where post-operative patients receive manual lymphatic drainage massage as part of their recovery, beginning several days after surgery

“There’s nothing new on the horizon right now in rapid recovery. We feel like we are at the height of innovation right now,” he says. “But, I always have my eyes and ears open for new and better ways to treat my patients and recover them rapidly after surgery.”

More information is available on the Rapid Recovery Program as well as the variety of cosmetic surgery procedures offered by Dr. Parker at

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