Otoplasty Patient Looks to the Future

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

team_photo_angela_03.jpgSean heard it all as he was growing up- “dumbo ears,” “radar” and all the other cruel names kids could come up with to describe his ears. Now, at 19, he made the decision to do something about his protruding ears, but not for the reason most would assume. New Jersey cosmetic surgery became his only option. Sean wasn’t thinking about the past, he was thinking about the future.

“My ears didn’t bother me, but the teasing did,” he says. “In about two years, I want to begin law enforcement training and just didn’t want to have to deal with any ribbing during the strenuous training.”

In college earning credits so he can move forward with his law enforcement plans, Sean initially looked in New York City for a surgeon. His father recommended he consult with New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker. His dad works in Paramus and has heard many good things about Dr. Parker. “I met with Dr. Parker, he examined me and explained exactly what he could do to correct my protruding ears.”

The New Jersey otoplasty procedure, performed in the Parker Center’s onsite ambulatory surgical facility, was pretty straightforward.  Sean experienced no pain and only several days of down time. He particularly enjoyed  the three manual lymphatic massage treatments at the Parker Center’s onsite spa that all of Dr. Parker’s patients receive as part of their Rapid Recovery program.

Sean struggled more with the idea of making this fundamental change to his body than he with the teasing. But, in the end, he knew it was the right decision for him. He didn’t correct his protruding ears to please anyone else, he did it simply to facilitate his future as an adult.

He admits, “I’ve always been a pretty confident guy. But, I do feel an extra burst of confidence now after the surgery when talking to women in the clubs. Overall though, the surgery hasn’t changed me. I still feel like myself—just more self confident.”

Sean was very concerned with staying true to himself, even in making this decision to physically change his appearance. But, the end result was so natural-looking, he knows he made the right decision especially in choosing New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker, to perform the procedure.

“My time with Dr. Parker was amazing. Everybody there really made me feel like a part of The Parker Center family,” he says.

At 19, Sean has his future mapped out and now, he has one less thing to distract him from his goals.

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