Not Your Mother’s Facelift – Surgical Techniques are Now Longer Lasting, More Natural Looking

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

JanetA study published in the December 2012 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery analyzed 50 patients who underwent facelift surgery and how they look today, 5 ½ years later. While the facelift patients show some signs of normal aging, the results show that they look younger today than before they had their facelift.

“The study verifies what we plastic surgeons see in our own practices every day. The newer and state of the art surgical techniques of elevating and suspending the superficial musculoaponeurotic system (SMAS) allow us to reposition descended fatty tissue in the middle of the face and jowl areas. This, in addition to injecting the patient’s own fat harvested from the abdomen into select areas of facial fat atrophy, gives a longer lasting and more natural looking result. Because the facial volume is restored back toward normal, less skin has to be removed resulting in a more natural result and less visible scarring than just pulling the skin like in the old days,” explained Dr. Parker.

The study examined three areas of comparison. First, researchers took objective measurements of the face including jowl height and angle of chin to neck. Second, they took a subjective assessment of key areas such as lines from nose to mouth and mouth to chin. Lastly, an overall subjective assessment of the patients’ appearance was conducted.

“In the past, a facelift just involved tightening the skin. Previously, facelift results tended not to last very long because sooner rather than later the skin just stretches out again. With these new techniques of recreating the underlying structure of a youthful face and plumping the skin, we can give patients a better and more natural looking result,” Dr. Parker said.

The study helps patients and surgeons know what to expect in terms of longevity for their facelift results. Prior to this study plastic surgeons had to rely on their own patients’ experiences to answer the “how long will it last” question asked by every patient.

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