Nicole and her Mom thrilled with New Jersey Breast Augmentation

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Nicole, 21, is a full time student and restaurant worker who was tired of her “A” cup breasts. After saving money for the past year, Nicole was ready to go ahead and have the breast augmentation surgery she always wanted.

“I really have wanted to do this for the past few years. The timing was just right. I’d saved my money all year, and I was on a school break. I was really ready. I didn’t want to wait any longer,” explained Nicole.

Nicole’s mom and boyfriend were very supportive of her decision to have surgery, but her dad took some convincing. Nicole’s mom works with another local surgeon and knew that Dr. Parker has a wonderful reputation and that he’s highly respected by other plastic surgeons in NJ. In addition to Nicole’s mom knowing Dr. Parker’s reputation, Nicole had a former boss who also had a New Jersey breast augmentation several years ago with Dr. Parker and loved the experience.

breast augmentation new jerseyBesides the great referrals that Nicole had, she also researched New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker online and was very pleased with the information she found on the website. Nicole felt that when she walked into the office, it confirmed everything she had read on the Internet and everything she had heard about Dr. Parker.

“I had a couple of sizing sessions with Liz, because I was extremely nervous about going too big. Liz convinced me that I would never be sorry with going slightly larger, and she was so right. I’m so happy that I listened to her,” exclaimed Nicole.

Nicole was also really pleased with Angela, Dr. Parker’s nurse educator. Nicole felt that Angela helped her every step of the way and really made her feel wonderful about the entire process. Nicole says she loved Angela and felt she immediately became “part of the family.”

“Dr. Parker was phenomenal. My daughter’s recovery was so unbelievable. She had no pain, very little bruising and her incisions look great. Nicole can be a crybaby, but she never even had a Tylenol, nothing,” explained Joanie, Nicole’s mom.

Joanie believes that Dr. Parker’s surgical skills, experience, and the protocols at the Parker Center made this entire experience so wonderful for Nicole. Both Nicole and her mom were convinced that the vitamins, herbs, and post-surgical lymphatic drainage massages that are all part of the Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery Program were an important part of her remarkable recovery.

“I’m so thrilled with my new breasts. I went shopping the other day and I couldn’t say no to anything I tried on. Everything looked so good on me. I can’t wait for summertime and the beach. I’m really grateful to Dr. Parker for the awesome job he did,” said Nicole.

For women in New Jersey, breast augmentation can give you the self-confidence and appearance you’ve always dreamed of. To learn more about breast augmentation or any other cosmetic procedure performed at the Parker Center, visit the website at or call (201) 967-1212.

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