New Jersey Tummy Tuck Patient Laura Thrilled with Great Result!

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Laura, a 44-year-old mother of two, has always had a protruding abdomen. While she’s naturally very thin, even an intense exercise regimen wasn’t helping to reduce her abdomen.

“Even as a kid, I always had a belly. With my pregnancies, my abdomen got huge. I exercise like crazy, but my protruding abdomen was still there. Three years ago, I had lipo because I was afraid of surgery. While that just gave me a little more definition in my waist, it didn’t help with my belly at all,” explained Laura.

When Laura had her liposuction three years ago, the surgeon did recommend a tummy tuck, but Laura wasn’t mentally prepared for the surgery at that time. The way the plastic surgeon described the liposuction, she was expecting to have a much better result than she did.

Laura continued to exercise and managed to get a little more definition in her abdomen following the liposuction, but it was really negligible. She considered returning to the surgeon who originally did the procedure, but since she really wasn’t happy with her results, she decided to look elsewhere.

Turning to the Internet, Laura conducted a lot of research on tummy tucks and had even booked a surgery with a different plastic surgeon with whom she had 2 or 3 previous consultations. Yet she still felt uneasy.

“I was ready to go ahead and really liked the doctor, but every time I spoke to the support staff, I got anxiety. I had found Dr. Parker on the Internet and decided to see him just to confirm my decision. Dr. Parker’s staff was so great; they knew I had a busy schedule and bent over backwards to accommodate it, getting me to see the doctor in a short time,” Laura said.

At the Parker Center, Laura found answers to the troubling questions that were holding her back from undergoing tummy tuck surgery. Laura felt Dr. Parker was thorough and professional in a warm and caring way.

“I was thrilled that I would not be having my tummy tuck done in a hospital but in the Parker Center’s surgical center, Surgiplex, LLC, with a private nurse taking care of me one on one after surgery. Also I didn’t want my abdominal muscles tightened, and Dr. Parker listened to my concerns and was willing to perform the surgery that way,” said Laura.

Laura understood that the optimal results would be achieved if she had her abdominal muscles tightened, but she felt strongly about not doing it. Since Laura is very fit and exercises religiously, she felt she would be fine without that step, and Dr. Parker was willing to accommodate her.

Now two months after her tummy tuck surgery, Laura is thrilled with the results. She loves the way her abdomen looks, and she no longer has to wear control garments under her clothes to camouflage her belly.

“It looks fantastic. Just the way I imagined it would. Dr. Parker and his staff are amazing. He is a great doctor who really listens. I can’t imagine a better result. I can’t explain how great the entire staff was,” Laura stated.

Dr. Parker offers his patients several options when it comes to tummy tucks in order to achieve their desired result. Tummy tucks at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery are performed under general anesthesia in Surgiplex, LLC, their fully certified on site ambulatory surgical center. Following the procedure, patients are taken care of on a one to one basis by the Parker Center’s experienced nurses.

If you’re considering a tummy tuck or any other type of cosmetic surgery, visit our website to learn more, see Before and After photos, and read actual patient stories. For a consultation, please call our office at (201) 967-1212.

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