Rhinoplasty Patient Maggie Can “Breathe Again” After Surgery

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

“My dog broke my nose.” Believe it or not, it’s a common complaint that doctors hear. Rambunctious pets jump in their owners’ faces, sometimes cause injury. The damage resulting from such an injury can be slight or significant resulting in patients seeking medical attention.

For 30-year old New Jersey rhinoplasty patient, Maggie, her run in with her fur baby deviated her septum and damaged the cartilage in her nose. After the injury Maggie was having a lot of trouble breathing, in fact she could barely breathe through her left nostril.

“My husband told me that my nose whistled at night. I thought he meant I was snoring, but no, it was actually my nose whistling because of the injury. I was really tired of not being able to breathe properly and was ready to get it taken care of,” explained Maggie.

Maggie is an established patient of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. She had previously had a procedure to repair an ear lobe and two years ago had breast augmentation with New Jersey plastic surgeon

, Dr. Parker. Having an established relationship with Dr. Parker led Maggie to return and consult with him about fixing her nose.

Because Maggie required a rhinoplasty to correct the damage from her injury, she also asked Dr. Parker to remove some of the bulk in her nose. While Maggie was generally happy with the appearance of her nose prior to the injury, she thought she might as well have Dr. Parker make some other adjustments as well.

Rhinoplasty is the third most common plastic surgery behind breast augmentation and liposuction. A “nose job” or rhinoplasty has a tremendous impact on an individual’s appearance because of the prominence of the nose on your face. By correcting the nose, Dr. Parker can bring facial balance to patients who suffer from self-image problems or breathing difficulties.

“I had done a lot of research on plastic surgeons in the area when I had my breast augmentation and was pleased when I found Dr. Parker. I was impressed with the website but when I met him and his staff, I got a really good vibe and I wasn’t disappointed,” said Maggie.
As a testament to Maggie’s faith in Dr. Parker she has had a total of three procedures with Dr. Parker and has recommended him to friends who have also had New Jersey plastic surgeryat the Parker Center. According to Maggie she and her friends all trust Dr. Parker.

Maggie’s rhinoplasty procedure went very smoothly; in fact she was amazed that after having the splint removed one week after surgery she only needed a little makeup to go out. The bruising was very minimal after that first week and Maggie immediately felt the breathing benefits of having her deviated septum corrected. She also loves the improved appearance of her nose which is in better balance with the rest of her face.
“I love the staff at the Parker Center. Angela has been with me through all three of my procedures and is wonderful. You feel anxious just thinking about surgery, but you walk in to the office and everyone is so warm and nice, they just make you feel so comfortable,” Maggie stated.

The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery uses a unique set of medical protocols called the Rapid Recovery Program when treating all surgical patients.
The Rapid Recovery program includes limited incisions and medical tissue glue to speed wound healing, and short acting anesthetic agents and anti-emetic medications to hasten the recovery from anesthesia. It also includes a regimen of drugs to minimize postoperative pain and oral medications given pre and postoperatively to minimize swelling and bruising. Topically applied skin creams and postoperative medical manual lymphatic drainage massage are also recommended to accelerate healing.

If you are interested in New Jersey rhinoplasty

    or any other plastic surgery procedure call the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery for a consultation at 201-967-1212. To learn more about any procedure visit our website at www.parkercenter.net.

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