Rhinoplasty Page Gets a Makeover!

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

No two noses are the same, which means no two nose jobs are exactly the same. To illustrate this, we’ve improved our rhinoplasty page to include descriptions of all the different deformities that can be corrected by a New Jersey rhinoplasty at the Parker Center.

Some people want to fix their crooked nose, some want to slim the width, fix symmetry, remove bumps, shorten the length, or even fixed a botched nose job. New Jersey patients can now compare these issues to their own while looking at before and after pictures for reference.

There are two approaches when it comes to rhinoplasty surgery. The first is a “closed” approach, which uses incisions hidden on the inside of the nostrils to create minor shape adjustments to the bone and cartilage. The “open” method is performed by using a small incision below the tip of the nose and in between the nostrils, which allows Dr. Parker to sculpt irregularities on the bone or cartilage.

Dr. Parker firmly believes in patient education, and these enhanced rhinoplasty pages serve to further this education and enhance your experience with us. Be sure to navigate over to our New Jersey rhinoplasty page and check out all the great information we’ve made available to you!

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