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Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery Announces New Financing Options

New Jersey plastic surgery office, Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, introduces new financing options in order to make plastic surgery more affordable to all.

Paramus, NJ (PRWEB) February 07, 2012 – With new plastic surgery financing options, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, MD and the staff at the Parker Center strive to make plastic surgery accessible and affordable for everyone interested in achieving a more youthful, natural appearance.

Dr. Parker of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery believes that educating his patients is one of his top priorities. Now, a new page on his website, /plastic-surgery-financing-new-jersey, serves to inform his patients on all of the new plastic surgery financing options available to them.

While plastic surgery can be expensive, it can also fit into most any budget. To increase the accessibility of plastic surgery, New Jersey surgeon Dr. Parker accepts every type of credit card and offers several different financing plans. The staff at the Parker Center informs potential patients of the all of their options to garner honest financial expectations.

“Generally, we spend about 15 minutes on the phone with patients discussing everything from the type of surgery they’re interested in, what the surgery involves, and the recovery period. This phone consultation also includes an honest range for the cost of the surgery,” says Michelle Cauwenberghs, Patient Coordinator.

Financing options include plans from Carecredit, Chase, and Medical Financing. With all these options available, there is a plan for every patient including those with a less than perfect credit history. For patients with good credit, the Parker Center also offers 6 and 12-month no interest financing programs.

In the current economy, many patients who would not ordinarily chose financing often do, allowing themselves some financial flexibility in case of unexpected expenses. Approximately 50% of the patients at the Parker Center opt to finance all or a portion of their surgery.

“By making surgery more accessible to a broader range of patients with several different financing options, we hope that patients can concentrate more on their surgical plan and recovery without the additional stressor of cost,” explained Dr. Parker.

Part of educating patients about financial options includes an honest upfront estimate of costs. For this reason, Dr. Parker has published and recently updated his website to include a listing of cosmetic procedures and the average range of costs for each. This information is available on the ccost of plastic surgery page on the Parker Center website.

“I was thrilled with the entire experience at Parker Center from the moment I first spoke to Michelle on the phone, I couldn’t wait to have my initial consultation and meet Dr. Parker,” said Karen J., breast augmentation patient.
During the phone consult, Michelle encourages patients to check out the financing options online and is helpful in getting them pre-qualified for surgery. This allows the patient to retain their financial privacy and be more focused on any medical questions and their surgical plan when consulting with Dr. Parker.

Carecredit is one of the most popular financing options offered by the Parker Center. Endorsed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Carecredit works as a medical credit card. Patients are approved for a certain limit and can use the card with many different types of medical providers, not just for plastic surgery. It is accepted by many providers for Lasik & vision care, dentists, veterinarians & hearing specialists.

Chase Health Advantage is a financing option that offers patients an alternative to medical loans. As a revolving line of credit it is also available for dental, vision, chiropractic, hair loss and veterinary care.

The third option is Medical Financing, a medical loan company whose slogan is “no patient left behind”, the advantage of Medical Financing is the easy application and approval process. Financing is available regardless of credit score with verifiable income. Fixed interest rates and affordable payment plans can make surgery affordable for any patient.

“We find our patients to be extremely educated on every facet of the plastic surgery process. They have done their research regarding doctors, the surgical facility and the financial aspects. They come for their consultation with all their ducks in a row and are free to focus on the medical questions and their surgical plan,” explained Michelle.
The ballpark estimates on the fee page include all surgical fees and anesthesia, all visits prior to surgery and for one year after surgery, a one hour pre-op education session with a nurse educator, one or more computer imaging sessions, Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery Program (which includes medications to control swelling, vitamins for healing and three post-op manual lymphatic drainage massage sessions), operating room fees, overnight stay if required and any implants or other supplies and post-surgical garments.

The staff at the Parker Center knows that it is important for patients to find a doctor and a facility that makes them feel comfortable. They want their patients to fully understand the procedure and everything that goes along with it. While the cost of surgery can be a significant factor, Michelle and the other staff members have made it as simple and straightforward as possible for their patients.

“Dr. Parker did an amazing job… Also, a BIG thank you to the staff. They provided all the information, care, & comfort a patient could ask for. Thanks again,” said Anne, a New Jersey tummy tuck patient.

Dr. Paul M. Parker has over 20 years’ experience in plastic surgery and is renowned for his surgical skills and his unwavering commitment to patient care and satisfaction. Each and every staff member at the Parker Center shares this philosophy of superior care and commitment to the patient.

To learn more about any plastic surgery procedure, cost and available financing, please visit our website at or call 201-967-1212 for a consultation.

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