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Dr. Parker Shares Recent Patient Feedback to Start 2012 Focusing on His Patients

New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, MD, shares his recent patient feedback on breast augmentation to discuss available options for the different sizes, shapes and profiles of breast implants.

Paramus, New Jersey (PRWEB) January 25, 2012 – With the exponential growth of breast augmentation as the top plastic surgery procedure performed by plastic surgeons in America, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, MD, believes it is imperative that women know their implant options, including sizes and types of implants. Through his three-step sizing process, patients can choose the perfect implant for their bodies.

Women have discovered that implants can compensate for what nature forgot, correct asymmetry, or replace volume lost due to childbirth or weight loss. No matter what the reason, breast implants can give women the feminine contours they’ve been missing. The job of the plastic surgeon is to meet a patient’s expectations within the limits of the patient’s body size and shape.

Dr. Parker does a large number of breast augmentation surgeries every year with women who are looking for all different types of results. Some women start out with little to no breast tissue and just want enough to fill out a bra, others have a moderate or large amount but yearn for a larger, fuller bust line. No matter the reason for the breast augmentation, Dr. Parker and his team strive to provide their patients with all of the information necessary to make a comprehensive decision.

“We have a very high rate of patient satisfaction due to our team approach to the cosmetic surgery process. We communicate with patients regarding their goals and desires, consult with them on the best approach based on their wishes and individual anatomy. We take a lot of time to educate our patients about the surgical process,” explained Dr. Parker.

The Parker Center does their Sizing Sessions in three stages. Patients are always free to return and to try alternate sizes prior to surgery. Liz Kobb, digital technician at the Parker Center takes photos of patients “wearing” the implants. The photos are then uploaded to the Parker Center website, and with a special passcode patients can access their own photos from any computer. This allows breast augmentation patients time to contemplate their new look and the ability to show friends, loved ones and others how they should look after surgery.

Also, the Parker Center uses a unique set of protocols called the Rapid Recovery Program which allows a patient to heal in a short period of time, with less bruising, swelling and pain than they otherwise would. This program includes vitamins, herbs, medications and three post-operative lymphatic drainage massage sessions which are all included in the surgical package. Patients are often surprised at the ease of their recovery.

“Dr. Parker was phenomenal. My daughter’s recovery was so unbelievable. She had no pain, very little bruising and her incisions look great. She never even needed a Tylenol, nothing,” said Joanie, patient Nicole’s mom.

Breast implants come in different materials, shapes and sizes. This means that patients face a myriad of choices. For patients looking for New Jersey cosmetic surgery, Dr. Parker has over 20 years of surgical experience and is thoroughly knowledgeable about what type, shape and volume of implant should help meet the patient’s goals and desired result.

For breast augmentation, New Jersey patients have a variety of options. Implants are available with both saline and silicone material inside a silicone shell. Saline implants are empty and filled to the desired size during surgery. Silicone implants are sized in 25cc increments allowing for small size adjustments. The main advantage of silicone over saline implants is that they have a softer, more natural feel with less rippling of the implant edges.

Depending on the type of result the patient is looking for, Dr. Parker can use different profiles of silicone implants. Profile refers to the projection of the implant. Implants are available in low, moderate, moderate plus and high profiles. Implants are also available in round and teardrop shaped.

“In the majority of patients I use a silicone, round, moderate plus implant. I believe that this type of implant gives the majority of my patients the shape, volume and projection they’re looking for with a natural look. Patients who are looking for more projection generally select a high profile implant specifically to get a prominent look,” explained Dr. Parker.

With an almost limitless combination of material, size, profile and shape available in breast implants today, breast augmentation patients can easily become overwhelmed. Dr. Parker and his team at the Parker Center spend a great deal of time with their patients helping them determine how they want to look.

“When I saw Dr. Parker at my follow-up visit, I was gushing. I’m just so happy with how I look. I just thanked him up and down,” said Marissa, breast augmentation patient.

Breast augmentation patients have been getting fantastic results and spreading the word about surgery at the Parker Center. With Dr. Parker’s team approach, commitment to patient education, and providing the highest level of care, they can help anyone who is interested in changing their appearance with breast augmentation or any other cosmetic procedure.

About Dr. Parker
Paul M. Parker, MD is the Medical Director of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. He has over 20 years’ experience and is well known for his surgical results as well as his commitment to patient care and satisfaction. Dr. Parker graduated from George Washington University School of Medicine and completed his residency in general and plastic surgery at New York University Medical Center.

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