New Jersey Plastic Surgery Press Release 48

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Every New Jersey Rhinoplasty Procedure is as Unique as Each Patient at The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, has created new procedure pages for his Website to educate his patients on the variety of issues rhinoplasty can correct.

(VOCUS)(Vocus/PRWEB ) June 30, 2010 — “Rhinoplasty is basically a series of smaller procedures,” says New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker. “Rhinoplasty is not a cookie cutter operation. You have to customize the surgery to the patient.”

No two noses are the same which means that no two rhinoplasty procedures are exactly the same. To drive this point home and educate his patients on the various nuances of the procedure, Dr. Parker has new created Rhinoplasty procedure pages for his Website, These pages not only describe all the different deformities rhinoplasty can correct, but they also use before and after pictures to illustrate each one.

“Reading about how rhinoplasty is performed alone is not as effective as understanding how different rhinoplasty problems were handled,” says Dr. Parker. “Our new pages use real live examples to complement the written descriptions and to illustrate the results which can be achieved.”

For example, patients can expect to find before and after pictures of a real New Jersey rhinoplasty patient with excessive nasal tip projection. Some people want to fix their crooked nose, change the tip size, fix nasal symmetry, slim the width, remove bumps, shorten the length and even correct a botched nose job. New Jersey patients will now be able to compare these specific issues to their own and see examples of the final result on-line.

In performing rhinoplasty surgery, a closed or open approach is used. A “closed” rhinoplasty, using incisions hidden on the inside of the nostrils, is indicated for relatively minor shape adjustments to the nasal bone and cartilage. An “open” rhinoplasty uses a small and inconspicuous incision underneath the tip of the nose and between the nostrils. This is connected to incisions inside the nostrils. These cleverly hidden incisions allow Dr. Parker to “open” the nose and sculpture irregular contours of the underlying bone and cartilage very precisely under direct vision.

Planning for Rhinoplasty surgery begins with the first patient consultation. Dr. Parker will ask the patient what bothers them about their nose and listen carefully to their priority of concerns. Next, he will examine the patient’s nose, taking into account their individual facial characteristics. Finally, Dr. Parker will formulate a treatment plan in his mind.

“We then use computer imaging to convey to the patient what their nose should look like after rhinoplasty” he says. “Patients love this. Looking at actual before and after pictures of patients with similar noses shows them what can be accomplished. Computer imaging of the patient’s nose itself will give them a preview of what they themselves should look like and allows us to solidify the operative plan.”

About 15-20% of the time a rhinoplasty is performed, a chin implant is recommended to the patient to perfect their results. Oftentimes, patients are unaware of how much their chin affects their profile, relationship with their nose and overall facial harmony. Computer imaging here is also helpful to demonstrate these changes.

The night before surgery, Dr. Parker will review the notes he’s made on each patient, their pictures, computer images and his operative plan. He brings all of this with him to the operating room the next day and will reference these as the procedure is performed. This allows him to be precise in performing this surgery and achieve natural looking results for his patients.

Because patient education is a cornerstone of Dr. Parker’s practice, these enhanced Rhinoplasty procedure pages serve to further the patient’s education and enhance their experience. At The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, all New Jersey rhinoplasty procedures are performed in their onsite state-of-the-art fully certified ambulatory surgical facility, Surgiplex, LLC. Patients are usually discharged within an hour of surgery and recover quickly with the Center’s Rapid Recovery program.

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