New Jersey Plastic Surgery Press Release 38

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Dr. Parker Featured in: Informational Web Sites Drive Business and Educate Consumers in the Plastic Surgery Industry

The plastic surgery industry makes great use of the Internet by offering up informational Web sites to educate and bring in new patients.

(Vocus/PRWEB ) December 15, 2009 — A quick search of the Internet will offer up thousands and thousands of sites dedicated to surgery centers and facilities. They all have their own twist on how information is disseminated to the serious or casual surfer. But, for the most part, they all contain before and after pictures, details on specific procedures, background of the surgeons and staff, blogs, articles and many even use video demonstrations and testimonials. Another very important aspect of the informational Web site is the list of credentials and background experience of the surgeon and staff.

New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, specifically addresses not just the physical aspects of procedures, but also the emotional considerations. Most recently, his site has expanded information on his New Jersey breast lift and augmentation pages because of their popularity and the myriad of choices concerning lift technique, incision sites, types of implants, placement and size and more.

“Patients are savvy about their health,” says Dr. Parker. “As plastic surgeons, we have a responsibility to empower them with knowledge. It also makes for a more productive consultation. When they come in armed with their own research and a list of questions, it ensures that we address everything that they are concerned about.”

Because of this, Dr. Parker and his team work diligently on their website pages to make sure they are up-to-date with the latest information on his techniques and procedures. His New Jersey breast augmentation patients particularly appreciate their unique photo galleries of before and after images. Not only are before and after pictures shown, but a vignette accompanies each set or pictures explaining details about each patient. It delves into why the patient sought surgery, details of the procedure including implants used and a summary of the recovery process. Prospective patients can often identify with those who have already gone through the process. They will say “I am just like patient #23”. The photos section is generally in the Top 10 of viewed pages for a plastic surgery site.

Dr. Parker is not surprised by this. “What we do in the cosmetic surgery field has so much to do about the visual,” he says. “Patients who can see real results and identify with other patients approach their consultation with a higher level of understanding and comfort. It also seems to aid their decision making in choosing to proceed with surgery.”

While the informational Web sites are a great research tool to bring a patient in for a consultation, it is also a great tool for continuing their education. In New Jersey, breast augmentation patients can grasp the ins and outs of the procedure, but after the consultation, going through the information again with a trained staff member and perusing the site later at home further clarifies the procedure.

When choosing a New Jersey plastic surgeon or one in any region of the country, Dr. Parker advises potential patients to do their own homework prior to making a decision. In an industry that is growing and advancing in technology, patients should be proactive when it comes to their surgical procedures. From choosing the best surgeon to choosing New Jersey breast augmentation implant size, the best place to start is their Web site.

Knowledge is power and it is all right there at your fingertips. Use the tools provided by plastic surgery sites to enhance the procedure and ensure optimal results. While perusing a Web site doesn’t take the place of a face to face meeting, it’s mood and arrangement offers insight into the people behind the site and gives a good basis for choosing the right surgeon.

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