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New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Finds ‘Pampering Patients’ Helps to Ease Anxiety and Guilt Before Surgery

Due to the elective nature of cosmetic surgery, some patients experience severe anxiety-or even guilt-leading up to the procedure. However, Dr. Paul M. Parker, a renowned New Jersey plastic surgeon and Medical Director of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery in Paramus, shares how ‘pampering patients’actually decreases anxiety and fear regarding their procedure.

Paramus, NJ (Vocus/PRWEB ) May 12, 2009 — Due to the elective nature of cosmetic surgery, some patients experience severe anxiety-or even guilt before the procedure.

For example, a patient seeking cosmetic surgery in New Jersey may feel guilty or “selfish” for using their family’s money to undergo liposuction to address areas of fullness which diet and exercise have failed to correct.

Or in the case of a woman seeking New Jersey breast augmentation, the variety of choices and fear of the “unknown” might be too much to bear–as the befores and afters of other patients can’t adequately depict what she will look like following cosmetic surgery.

However, renowned New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker has discovered that taking extra time to pamper, educate and involve his cosmetic surgery patients can dramatically reduce the anxiety and guilt as detailed above.

“Our staff is very sensitive to the fact that elective cosmetic surgery can be nerve-wracking or even frightening for some patients. First, there is a financial cost associated with it and secondly, there Is a ‘fear of the unknown’ regarding how they will look or feel following surgery,” says Parker.

He adds, “Therefore, it’s important that we provide patients with a warm and friendly environment where they can feel comfortable talking about their concerns and feel confident that we will go above and beyond to accommodate their needs.”

To ensure his patients feel involved in the surgical process, Dr. Parker and his team take the following steps. During the patient’s initial phone call to the practice, one of his Patient Coordinators will spend time on the telephone with the patient learning about them, their areas of concern and establish an initial bond with this new patient. They will then send the patient procedure-specific reading material to educate themselves about surgical possibilities. On the day of consultation, the Coordinator will warmly meet and greet the patient as they enter the Parker Center. They will then show the patient procedure-specific DVD’s which educate them further.

The patients will then have a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Parker. He will discuss with them the various options possible to improve their areas of concern. Additionally, New Jersey cosmetic surgery patients are then given a complimentary digital imaging session by Dr. Parker’s professional photographer and imager, where they can preview what their New Jersey breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, etc. should look like before actually undergoing the surgical procedure in question.

“Our patients will spend a significant amount of time with our professional imager so they can see the anticipated outcome of their proposed surgery. This has proven to be a very effective tool to make ensure that the patient and Dr. Parker are in agreement regarding their proposed changes”.

Prior to the actual surgery, patients meet face to face with Dr. Parker’s Nurse Educator to review the anticipated postoperative recovery in detail to make sure patients are properly prepared.

Following surgery in Dr. Parker’s on-site, fully certified ambulatory facility, most patients are able to leave within one hour after the completion of surgery. After lengthy and extensive procedures such as a facelift, neck lift, lipoabdominoplasty, abdominoplasty or large volume liposuction, patients will be closely monitored overnight by one of the Parker Center‘s specially-trained registered nurses. This one-on-one nursing care permits patients undergoing these more extensive procedures to spend a restful, anxiety-free first night after surgery.

Patients are closely followed by Dr. Parker and his team after surgery. They are seen for periodic office follow up visits to be sure healing is rapid and painless. Additionally, patients receive a series of three manual lymphatic drainage massages to more quickly reduce swelling and bruising from the operated areas.

Patients have learned that at the Parker Center, the experience doesn’t begin and end with surgery; patients are pampered before and for many months afterwards.

For more information on how ‘pampering patients’ leads to reduced anxiety and guilt before cosmetic surgery, or for further information on New Jersey cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, please call (210) 967-1212 or visit

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