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New Jersey Breast Augmentation Doctor Uses Revolutionary New Patient Video to Ease Patient Fears

New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, is well aware of the benefits of personal experiences for his patients. Dr. Parker is proud to announce the release of the latest in a series of revolutionary written and video testimonials on his web site to allay the fears and concerns of potential patients.

Paramus, NJ (PRWEB)November 12, 2008 – Surgery can be an intimidating endeavor. Patients often say that fears and concerns about an elective surgical procedure often prevent them from their acting on their desires. Dr. Paul M. Parker, and the team at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, understand these fears and help allay them by having patients share their experiences with other patients. The staff at the Parker Center, one of New Jersey’s finest facilities, views their website ( as an educational tool for their patients.

New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker, recognizes that real patient testimonials are the best proof of outstanding care that the Parker Center offers. If potential patients are not familiar with any former patients, Dr. Parker has written and video testimonials on his web site for them to view.

For women in New Jersey, breast augmentation concerns are addressed in patient Roxanne’s video testimonial. Roxanne allowed cameras to chronicle the entire journey- from the consultation to her after-care healing. In the video, she begins by saying “fear of the unknown” was her biggest obstacle.

Before Front View
After Front View
Before Side View
After Side View

The unique opportunity to follow Roxanne as she prepares for her consultation and surgery is a valuable tool for breast augmentation candidates at the Parker Center. Potential patients are able to hear Roxanne speak of her doubts and fears and then of her growing confidence as she meets the staff and Dr. Parker. In her own words, the “surgery went beyond expectations.”

“It is an invaluable experience to share in her journey – a journey filled with joy and satisfaction – and after the surgery, how this will impact the rest of her life,” says Dr. Parker.

This type of visual testimony is not only a great way for potential patients to experience Roxanne’s journey, but it also offers a peek at the extraordinary Parker Center facility and the behind the scenes action. Potential patients become comfortable with the look and feel of the office, staff, and on-site surgical facility and get a glimpse of the luxurious spa aftercare.

Watching Roxanne’s transformation from fear to confidence and satisfaction is a helpful educational experience. Beyond that, however, the extent Dr. Parker and his staff go to in order to educate their patients before surgery, helping them through the procedure and aftercare painlessly. Breast augmentation in New Jersey at the Parker Center includes an exfoliation prior to surgery and then relaxing lymphatic massages afterwards to stimulate the healing process and reduce swelling.

The specially-designed Rapid Recovery program is something that Roxanne talks about in her video and it really works. She talks to the camera just 45 minutes after the surgery and is lucid, happy and pain-free. It is impossible to tell that she just had surgery.

“Our close knit team takes pride in what we do,” said Dr. Parker. “Especially the positive outcome we are able to facilitate with each patient.”

Through personal experiences like these, shared on the Parker Center website, New Jersey breast augmentation is no longer an ambiguous proposition. Patients can learn exactly what to expect, starting with their own initial consultation. After watching Roxanne’s video testimonial, they head into their consultation with Dr. Parker with a greater fund of knowledge, calm and with confidence.

The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery is a full-service facility certified by JCAHO and AAAASF. The ambulatory surgical facility, physically integrated in the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, is a state of the art surgical facility which duplicates the safety of a hospital in a more relaxed, aesthetic, calming atmosphere. Dr. Parker and the staff are constantly educating themselves on the latest techniques in aesthetic plastic surgery. Patients can expect the highest level of professional care with a personal touch at the Parker Center. As Roxanne said about her experience with Dr. Parker, “The whole center revolves probably around his personality, which is so calming.”

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