New Jersey Plastic Surgery Patient Rick gets Great Results without Surgery

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Rick is a married 53-year old father of three.  He is a self-employed business professional, who due to his Mediterranean ancestry had a lot dark pigmentation under his eyes.

“I haven’t always had the dark circles under my eyes, but as I’ve aged they’ve become more pronounced.  My mother has them, so I knew it was hereditary. I just didn’t like that I looked older and tired all the time, even though I didn’t feel that way,” explained Rick.

Rick works out several times a week and keeps himself in good shape, so he really didn’t like the dark circles that were aging his appearance.  Although his eyes bothered him, it was never really a priority for Rick.  At Rick’s gym, one of the female instructors came back after a facelift and really looked great.  Rick asked her about it and she told Rick about the great experience she had at the Parker Center.  Rick knew this was where he wanted to go to take care of his dark circles.

After his consultation at the Parker Center, Rick was very pleased with Dr. Paul Parker and his recommendations.  Rick really didn’t know what to expect but was pleased with the professionalism of the office and staff.

“Dr. Parker is very grounded and a real straight shooter.  You can tell that when you meet him.  Angela, his nurse coordinator, is the best, if you have any questions, she’ll get right on the phone with you,” Rick said.

Rick liked how Dr. Parker didn’t rush to tell him he needed New Jersey plastic surgery.  He was very pleased to learn that Dr. Parker felt he’d get the best results by having a TCA chemical peel to remove the dark pigmentation.

A TCA (trichloracetic acid) peel is a probably the most common type of chemical peel.  It removes the outer most layers of the skin and newer more vibrant skin is revealed in about 7 days.  Because it is a medium depth peel it can minimize excess pigmentation (brown spots or under eye circles), soften lines and improve the texture and tone of the skin.  To achieve the best results, the skin needs to be treated with Retinol for several weeks prior to the peel.  This sloughs off the dead skin cells and allow the chemicals to penetrate the skin better.

“I understand that some doctors let their nurses handle these types of peels.  I wanted mine done by a doctor, in a medical setting.  Otherwise I never would have done it.  Dr. Parker took care of me, and was there the entire time,” Rick stated.

Dr. Parker explained that Rick’s TCA peel will probably last him about two years.  This is good news for Rick who really didn’t want to have New Jersey plastic surgery and didn’t like the idea of returning every couple of months for repeat injectables.

Rick is thrilled with the results of his chemical peel and has said that he would recommend Dr. Parker to anyone.   Dr. Parker fully explained how the peel works and that it would be a week before the old skin flaked off and the redness from the peel disappeared and that exactly how it went for Rick.

“Everyone around me said I didn’t need to do anything about my eyes.  Well those same people are now telling me how good I look.  I know it looks great, I think Dr. Parker did right by me and I’d recommend him to anyone!” exclaimed Rick.

To learn more about TCA chemical peels and how they can enhance your eyes or your face, visit our website at   Dr. Paul M. Parker and the staff at the Parker Center can help you achieve your goals.  Call us today at 201-967-1212 for a consultation.

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