New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Updates Breast Revision Web Pages for Optimal Patient Education

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentation is the most popular cosmetic surgical procedure performed each year across the country and by Dr. Parker, as well. Because it is so popular, as a New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker thinks it is essential that his patients and others understand what complications can occur. When he realized that a discussion of the possible need for revision after breast augmentation was missing from his Website, he quickly remedied the situation and created pages that comprehensively addressed the various issues.
“We were showing before and after pictures of patients undergoing breast implant revision, but we did not have a page that clearly discussed the various issues and options concerning the surgical procedure of breast implant revision,” he says. “So, I added pages that addressed the problems that might occur after breast augmentation and solutions to them.”

Across the country and in New Jersey, breast implants continue to be very popular. As noted on Dr. Parker’s information page, “over two million women have breast implants.” Because it is so prevalent, it is essential that they be aware of what the potential pitfalls might be and how they can be rectified.

The newly added Web pages describe the causes for breast implant revision and on a positive note, what the benefits are derived from this. Capsular contracture, implant leakage, rippling and displacement are relatively common problems that can be corrected through revision surgery. Replacement is also performed because the implant size is not what the patient had wanted or no longer wants. More recently, Dr. Parker has operated on an increasing number of women who wish to convert their previously inserted saline implants to silicone gel implants, which continue to increase in popularity following their return to the market by the FDA in November, 2006.
While it is less common, implant removal without replacement, or explantation, is also a part of the revision process. “Most women become much attached to their implants, once inserted, says Dr. Parker. From time to time they will ask that they be removed and not replaced for a variety of reasons, though that is not the norm. We feel it’s important that these patients fully educate themselves about the issues regarding implant explantation.”

While he occasionally performs revision surgery on his own breast augmentation patients, the majority of his revision patients come referred to him by other physicians, patient’s family members or friends. Dr. Parker’s extensive training and experience with breast surgery and implants have lead to this referral pattern. Accordingly, he feels a responsibility to fully educate these patients about breast implant revision issues and options.
Dr. Parker explains why for patients in New Jersey, breast implants inserted by him infrequently require revision. “Extensive pre-operative patient education by our staff greatly reduces the number of patients unhappy with their implant size,” he says. “We spend so much time with our patients in choosing the right size that few choose to change their size after surgery. Beyond that, our ability to thoroughly educate our patients seeking New Jersey breast augmentation before surgery, deliver a first class technical result and hold their hands through the recovery process have all contributed to a high level of patient satisfaction.

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