New Jersey Male Breast Reduction News: 19 Year-Old Patient Has a New Lease on Life after Male Breast Reduction Surgery

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For at least 9 years, Jonathan hid behind baggy clothes, lockers and any excuse he could come up with the keep his shirt on in front of people. Since the age of 10, he lived with the painful reality that he had a condition called gynecomastia where his breasts were overdeveloping.


“I had no idea how to deal with it.” So, over the years, Jonathan said, “I spent a lot of time thinking of ways to avoid any one finding out that I had this condition.” Imagine being a young boy, growing into a teen-ager and having feminine looking breasts.

Just two months ago, Jonathan took a leap of faith and consulted with New Jersey plastic surgeon about a reduction procedure. When asked how he chose Dr. Parker, Jonathan was quick to say that how he was treated on the phone played a big role in his decision. He was quite sensitive about seeking help for his gynecomastia and, of the different surgeons he interviewed, he felt Dr. Parker understood and related to him the best. “Dr. Parker turned what could have been an embarrassing and scary situation into a very positive one,” says Jonathon. “He talked to me like a real person, found out what my fears were and then explained every detail of the procedure. After the consultation, I had no doubts about my decision and had complete confidence in Dr. Parker.”

The understanding and knowledge of the staff made it all come together for him. Of course, he said the Web site clinched it. “The before and after pictures really drove it home for me,” he said. Simply seeing the transformation was a great testament to Dr. Parker’s abilities.

For male breast reduction, New Jersey residents like Jonathan benefit from Dr. Parker’s use of the VASER ultrasonic assisted liposuction which helps cut down on the trauma to the tissue and skin. A tiny incision can be made because the energy emitted from the cannula melts the fat, making it easier to suction out. Jonathan attests that this technique works because he reported very minimal pain after the procedure.


When asked why he finally decided to pursue surgery, he said, “It’s been so many years, I don’t even know what it’s like to be normal.” Going off to college was a wake-up call for him. Roommates and dormitory living made it difficult, if not impossible, to hide anymore. So, at 19 after his Freshmen year, he gathered the courage to do something about it.

While it will take him some time to reprogram himself after all those years of embarrassment and hiding, Jonathan has been to the beach and the pool. He’s also wearing slim-fitting shirts that he has never been able to wear before. The procedure was 2 months ago so he still has a little bit of swelling, but he already sees a marked difference in his body. Only 2 weeks after, he put on the slim-fitting shirts and felt good about himself.

For male breast reduction New Jersey, Jonathan wants kids like him dealing with this to be proactive about seeking treatment. He tells them, “Talk to your doctor…. Get down to the issue and find out what’s caused the over development.” Sometimes puberty causes it and it will go away, but sometimes it won’t. Weight gain and genetics are also causes of gynecomastia.

When asked if he would advise others to have the surgery, Jonathan said, “Definitely! I highly recommend doing it. It will definitely make them feel better as though go through their teen years.”

When it comes to Dr. Parker and the Parker Center, Jonathan says, “Everybody there was great! The staff at Dr. Parker’s office was all very helpful, nice and made sure I was comfortable.”

This is a very common problem with young men. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that 14,203 teens 13-19 had reduction surgery in 2008. For more information on male breast reduction or for a consultation with Dr. Paul M. Parker, call (210) 967-1212. Additional information as well as before and after pictures can be found at

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