New Jersey Plastic Surgery News: The Power of the Internet Connects U.S. Soldier Stationed in Great Britain with Dr. Parker for Lipoabdominoplasty

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Lipoabdominoplasty is a fairly new procedure and New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker is one of the few surgeons in the region who perform it. It is the innovative approach and quick recovery that makes this procedure so attractive to Dr. Parker’s patients who started out seeking a traditional tummy tuck.


One patient, however, knew exactly what she was looking for when she found Dr. Parker’s Web site. Linda is a soldier in the United States Army, a mom and stationed overseas in Great Britain. When asked in an e-mail interview why she was specifically looking for a surgeon who performed lipoabdominoplasty, she replied, “Looking at other before and after pictures, there seemed to be better results [with this procedure].” The quick recovery was also an important factor in her decision process.

First, Dr. Parker performs liposuction on the entire abdominal area. Then, as he removes excess skin and fatty tissue, he is able to preserve more nerves, blood vessels and lymphatic vessels than in a traditional tummy tuck. Because there is less trauma to the area, swelling, bruising and pain are all reduced and the postoperative recovery is much quicker. With a two-year old and active Army life, this was essential to Linda.

Linda is originally from New Jersey and she wanted to have the procedure while home on Leave. Scheduled to deploy to the Middle East, she knew she had put off the procedure long enough. One concern of hers was the “extreme heat” and the “wearing of all the heavy gear” during the deployment. Just imagine 120 degree temperatures in an Army uniform and having that annoying sagging skin where sweat can collect and irritate the skin.


When asked how she decided on Dr. Parker when she was looking for cosmetic surgeons in New Jersey, she said, “I found Dr. Parker on the Internet. From start to finish, everything about Dr. Parker and his staff was very professional.”

Soldiers, whether female or male, are just like anyone else. Sure, they all wear the same things and their uniforms are not form-fitting. But, when they aren’t at work, they want to dress just like everyone else. Linda has found herself unable to enjoy living abroad in Great Britain because of her self-consciousness about her excess skin and belly fat. She wanted to dress up and enjoy the European night-life, but she just didn’t feel comfortable in her body.


After her procedure, Linda was ready for her new life. “I look and feel great. My results are phenomenal and the recovery was even quicker than I had hoped for. I finally got my self-confidence back….It is great to have the old me back!” This is just the kind of reaction Dr. Parker strives for and dedicates his practice to.

For potential patients thinking about lipoabdominoplasty with Dr. Parker, Linda wrote this, “I wish I would have done it sooner. I know that some people may feel self-conscious about plastic surgery or the price, but it is totally worth it.”

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