New Jersey Facelift and Eye Lift Patient Helen Looks Better Than She Did 20 Years Ago

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Helen is a 52-year-old realtor who in December of 2012 had a facelift along with an eye lift at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. Helen had recently started to feel a little depressed and less confident about her looks and wanted to do something about it.

“About 18 months ago, I found Dr. Parker when I was looking to have some liposuction done. My husband and I found him on the Internet. After reading other patients’ testimonials, we felt very good about making an appointment to see him. From the moment I walked into the Parker Center, I knew that this was a surgeon who knew precisely what would work for me,” said Helen.

After successfully having liposuction with Dr. Parker, Helen began thinking about a facelift and eye lift. Helen’s face had begun to sag and develop jowls. Her eyes, which had never been problematic, had more prominent bags and drooping.
After her consultation with Dr. Parker, Helen booked her surgery for December as her real estate business tended to slow down at that time. Helen knew that the surgery would keep her at home for a few weeks, so she planned accordingly.

“I didn’t tell anyone other than my husband. I just didn’t want to have a lot of conversation about it. I just wanted it done. I told my mom, my kids and my co-workers that I was having eye surgery and left it at that,” explained Helen.

Since Helen was very private about her surgery, when people tell her how great she looks and ask what she’s done, she responds saying diet and exercise. Former customers and others who haven’t seen her in a while usually remark that she looks 20 years younger.

“I disagree with them; I think I look better than I did 20 years ago! Twenty years ago I had bags under my eyes, and I had always had droopy eyelids. With that problem solved, I think I look even better than I did in my 30s,” explained Helen.

Helen traveled over 90 minutes to have surgery with Dr. Parker, but she didn’t mind the trip since she absolutely loves everything about the Parker Center. She explains that everyone there, whether you’re there for an office visit or surgery, treats you like a friend. They help you every step of the way and always make you feel comfortable.

“Dr. Parker and his staff are just exceptional. I have never experienced this level of caring, knowledge and professionalism. They go above and beyond for their patients. I can’t imagine having a better experience,” Helen said.

Helen is thrilled with the results of her facelift and eyelift. She loves looking in the mirror. She says it was absolutely worth having the surgery to feel good about herself again.

The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery along with Medical Director Dr. Paul M. Parker and the entire Parker Center team strive to provide their patients with the highest level of care, the most natural looking results and minimum downtime. To learn more about facelift, eyelid surgery or any other type of cosmetic procedure, contact the Parker Center for a consultation at (201) 967-1212. To read real patient stories, see dozens of before and after photos and watch videos of animated procedures, visit the website at

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