New Jersey Breast Reduction Patient Laura Now Loves her Body

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Parker Center Staff PhotoLaura is a 49 year old married mother of two who has wanted to have breast reduction surgery since she finished breastfeeding her youngest child, 12 years ago. Laura started out a B cup but pregnancy and breastfeeding left her breasts larger each time.

“Before the surgery, I was a quadruple D cup. Just so big on top. My back was killing me, I couldn’t fit into clothes properly, and shopping was a nightmare, it was so frustrating,” explained Laura.
Laura considered having her breast reduction surgery several years ago, but after doing some research and realizing she wouldn’t be able to lift anything for a few weeks, she decided to put it off until her kids were older. Recently, Laura’s 17-year old daughter came to her desperate to have breast reduction.  New Jersey resident, Laura began researching surgeons and the procedure in earnest.

Laura did a lot of research on the internet, asked friends and family for recommendations and took a lot of time to educate herself on what’s involved in the procedure.   Laura and her daughter saw three surgeons plus Dr. Parker for a consultation.  After meeting with all four surgeons, Laura narrowed her selection to New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker, and another surgeon in Manhattan.

“When I met with Dr. Parker, he was really patient, took his time to explain everything and never made me feel silly or ignorant for asking.  One of the doctors I met was annoyed that I asked so many questions. I never felt that way with Dr. Parker and his staff.  They were just so warm and welcoming,” said Laura.

After Laura’s daughter had successful breast reduction surgery with Dr. Parker, Laura was ready to have the procedure herself.  As a busy mom with kids, it’s often difficult logistically to schedule surgery. Laura decided to have her surgery right before Thanksgiving when her kids would be off from school.  Her daughter also would have her driver’s license and be able to help out.

Paramus Plastic Surgeon Dr. Paul M. Parker“I had 100% confidence in Dr. Parker, especially after my daughter’s surgery went so well.  I had waited so long to have this done and I felt secure and certain that Dr. Parker was the right surgeon to solve my problem,” Laura said.

Laura’s surgery went smoothly and her recovery was “textbook.” Everything happened how Dr. Parker explained in almost the exact timeframe he said.  While Laura was sent home with detailed post-op instructions, she called the office a few times with questions and always had her questions answered patiently and willingly.

“I’m thrilled with the results of my surgery.  It’s beyond my expectations.  I love shopping now because I’m in proportion.  I can actually buy pretty and colorful bras in a regular store.  I can do Pilates without suffocating myself.  Doing everything is so much easier now. I really love my body,” Laura stated.

New Jersey breast reduction surgery can be done several different ways depending on the patient’s anatomy and goals.  For patients needing a minor reduction, liposuction alone can often achieve the desired result.  For a moderate reduction and lift, the “lollipop” or vertical breast reduction/ lift is used. This is what Dr. Parker performed on both Laura and her daughter.

This is the  most common breast reduction/ lift technique performed by Dr. Parker today because it results in the least amount of scarring, allows for a quicker recovery and gives the breast the best shape.  For patients who require a very significant reduction due to very large and/ or droopy breasts, a  traditional , “anchor” or “classic” reduction/  lift is necessary. It is unusual for Dr. Parker to perform this latter option today. He is able to minimize scarring and avoid a horizontal scar in the breast crease by using a “lollipop” reduction/ lift in many of these patients instead.

Dr. Paul M. Parker and the staff at the Parker Center have helped many women who’ve suffered with the pain and embarrassment of overly large breasts.  To learn more about breast reduction, New Jersey residents should visit our website or call 201-967-1212 to make an appointment for a consultation.

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