New Jersey Breast Lift Patient Heidi Loves Having Her Breasts Look the Way They Once Did

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Heidi is a 32-year old mother of twins who was large breasted for most of her life. After her pregnancy and nursing twins, Heidi had lost a lot of weight. Unfortunately with losing weight, Heidi had lost a lot of volume in her breasts, and they were sagging unattractively.

“I had been very large breasted, and I enjoyed having a large chest. After the kids, I just wasn’t happy with how my breasts looked. I wanted to do the lift with implants to give me back what I had lost,” said Heidi.
Heidi had been thinking about having a breast lift since just after her twins’ birth. There are many surgeon options to consider. Breast lift surgery was a big decision for Heidi. She thought about it for a year, and spent the second year doing her research and seeing different surgeons. In all, Heidi saw six plastics surgeons for consultations.

Dr. Parker was number five of the six plastic surgeons Heidi saw for a consultation. Heidi got a good feeling from the first phone call to the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. With other surgeon’s offices, Heidi wasn’t given any information over the phone, just booked for a consult.

“Michelle, the patient coordinator at the Parker Center, was the complete opposite of what I experienced with the other surgeon’s offices. She described everything, sent me the paperwork, explained all the paperwork, told me how the consultation appointment would go and gave me an estimate on the cost and reviewed payment options,” said Heidi.

When asked what made her choose Dr. Parker over the other five surgeons she consulted, Heidi explained that while she often makes decisions based on her gut instinct, she didn’t rely on that factor alone. Heidi felt that the information available on the website, the openness and professionalism of the staff, and Dr. Parker’s demeanor helped cement her decision to have breast implants.

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“Dr. Parker just struck the right balance for me. He was very thorough while explaining everything, not rushed, and he really listened to what I wanted. He was professional and warm; he communicated a lot of information. I never felt that he was trying to sell me. There were no games, and it felt right,” explained Heidi.

Unfortunately just as Heidi had decided to schedule her surgery, she lost her job. Heidi had to cancel her surgery until she found new employment. But once she had a new job, Heidi called Michelle at the Parker Center and asked if she could come back in for a second consultation with her husband. Heidi’s husband was equally impressed with Dr. Parker and encouraged her to go ahead with her surgery in New Jersey. Breast lift procedures are a routine surgery for Dr. Parker, giving him ample experience to comfort Heidi throughout the process.

Heidi was very nervous about her surgery but felt reassured by Angela, Dr. Parker’s nurse coordinator, who was with her every step of the way. Her recovery was very quick and less painful than Heidi had expected. In fact, she was back at work five days later.

“I can’t even tell I had surgery six weeks ago. I’m so thrilled with how my breasts look. The best thing is that I can wear any kind of top, strapless, backless whatever. Not having to wear a bra for special occasion dresses or tops that I could never wear in the past is fantastic,” said Heidi.

Heidi has already booked two vacations and is looking forward to doing a lot of shopping for swimsuits and sundresses. She is so happy with her breast lift that she’s planning on returning to Dr. Parker to have a tummy tuck in the near future.

Heidi chose to use silicone implants with her breast lift. Silicone implants give a softer, more natural look to breast implants. Dr. Parker uses the Keller Funnel® to insert the silicone implant. The Keller Funnel® is a sterile, soft cone-shaped device that allows Dr. Parker to insert the implant safely. Studies suggest the Keller Funnel® reduces the risk of both capsular contraction and potential for long term rupture.

If you are interested in a breast lift, Dr. Paul M. Parker, has over twenty years of experience. To learn more about a mastopexy (breast lift) procedure, visit our website at For a consultation please call our office at 201-967-1212 today.

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