Antonette Takes Care of Herself with Breast Augmentation

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New Jersey Breast Augmentation

Antonette is a 46-year-old single mother of two grown children. She works two jobs and had gotten to the point in her life where she was ready to do something for herself. Antonette had always wanted tohave a breast augmentation but between kids, work, and the cost of living, it was not possible.

“I could finally afford to do this, and I wanted to have the surgery for such a long time. A co-worker’s daughter had a breast augmentation with Dr. Parker and highly recommended him, so I called for a consultation,” said Antonette.

Antonette’s first visit to the Parker Center convinced her that this was the place to go. The staff was warm, friendly and professional. Antonette immediately noted how immaculately clean the Parker Center was. Antonette’s implants gave her a 38C bra size; she didn’t want to go too large but wanted to be able to wear a bra without wires or padding. Plus, she felt, if she went any larger it would not look natural on her body frame.

Implants are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, which gives women myriad choices to create the most natural looking breasts possible. At the Parker Center, our Sizing and Shaping Session is a very exciting part of the process. The ability to “try on” different sizes and be photographed by our professional photographer allows patients to get a good idea of how they’ll look with their new implants.

Since Antonette works two very physical jobs, she took a total of eight days off in order to recuperate fully. Many breast augmentation patients can go back to work sooner if they’re jobs are less physically demanding, but Antonette wanted to heal more fully before returning to work.

New Jersey Breast Augmentation

“The three manual lymphatic drainage massages that came with my surgery were wonderful. I loved every minute of them. They made me feel great. I felt so good after the massages, they were so gentle but I knew that they were really helping me heal more quickly,” explained Antonette.

Nationwide and especially in New Jersey, Breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgery that women seek. It is also the number one procedure of New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker. Many women suffer with poor body image and low self-confidence. They often long to wear clothing that makes them feel more feminine. Breast augmentation surgery can improve the emotional well-being of women bothered by these concerns.

“I didn’t tell my kids or my mother that I was having the surgery until after it was done. I was afraid they’d try to talk me out of it. I had decided to do this for myself and I didn’t want anyone to discourage me. I’m glad I did this for me,” said Antonette.

If you are considering breast augmentation or any other plastic surgery, visit our website at to see dozens of before and after photos. Video of actual procedures and testimonials from past patients are also available. Consultations for cosmetic procedures are free, so call 201-967-1212 today to make your appointment.

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