New Jersey Breast Augmentation Patient Very Impressed with The Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery Program

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Six years after the birth of her last child, Darlene finally acknowledged that her breasts were not going to come back, at least not without some help.

“The girls had left the party,” she jokes. “And, I used to have great boobs too!”

When she started looking for cosmetic surgeons in New Jersey, a friend recommended Dr. Parker. After looking at his before and after pictures and then meeting him for a consultation, Darlene was sold. She asked the Parker Center staff to squeeze her New Jersey breast augmentation and New Jersey blepharoplasty on the surgical schedule for the following week.

Now, for as much as Darlene has been impressed with Dr. Parker, his medical staff and her results, she is ecstatic about the Rapid Recovery Program, which consists of a carefully devised plan of supplements and medication pre-op and medications and massage post-op.

“The Rapid Recovery process worked so well, I didn’t even feel like I had surgery the day before,” she says. This explains why Darlene could be found at the dentist the very next day after surgery! While in the waiting room of the dentist, Darlene actually recommended another patient to Dr. Parker who ended up making an appointment and scheduling her own procedure.

“She couldn’t believe I was at the dentist the very next day and looked the way I did,” says Darlene.

Darlene admitted that she felt so good after surgery that she overdid things a little. By the time she went in for the manual lymphatic drainage massage, the post-operative portion of the Rapid Recovery Program, she was somewhat swollen. Her reaction to the idea of a massage was typical of many patients.

“I thought it was going to hurt, but it actually felt really really good,” she says. “And, the swelling went down considerably afterwards.”

Having previously had a rhinoplasty with another plastic surgeon, Darlene has something with which to compare her New Jersey breast augmentation and New Jersey blepharoplasty experience at The Parker Center.  “The experience at the Parker Center was incredible.”

After having surgery without a Rapid Recovery regimen and having surgery with the Rapid Recovery, Darlene says she will use Dr. Parker if she ever decides to have another cosmetic procedure. “I was extremely impressed with how I felt and looked afterwards,” she says.

For Darlene, the recovery was the icing on the cake to an overall wonderful experience at The Parker Center. She was very impressed with Dr. Parker and commented on how comfortable everyone made her feel.

About our nurse educator Angela, Darlene says, “She made me feel so comfortable and relaxed, like we were old friends. She also thoroughly prepared me for the procedure and recovery process afterwards.”

If you are looking for cosmetic surgeons in New Jersey, give Dr. Parker at call at (201) 967-1212 to schedule a breast augmentation or blepharoplasty consultation today!

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