New Jersey Breast Augmentation Patient Timed Her Procedure Just Right

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Carmella has known for a several years since her breasts stopped growing that she wanted breast implants and that’s why at 22, she decided to go ahead and do it. She searched for a New Jersey plastic surgeon on the Internet, saw Dr. Parker’s Website, liked the looks of it and scheduled a consultation.

“My real intent was to just gather more information about the procedure, not commit to anything yet,” says Carmella. “I ended up choosing Dr. Parker as my surgeon and scheduling the surgery!” Dr. Parker answered all of her questions that she accumulated during her own research and impressed her so much that she committed to the procedure at their first meeting.

Following Carmella’s surgery on a Friday in January, she experienced just a little pain over the weekend and was back to work on Monday. With Dr. Parker’s Rapid Recovery Program, she didn’t have to miss out on school or work to realize her dreams. That was very important since she is a student and works full-time.


Before her surgery, Carmella wore a 34 A cup. Now, she is a 36 C which is in perfect proportion to her body. Her enthusiasm about her New Jersey breast augmentation is clear in her voice as she says, “I love my new boobs! They are extremely soft and look so natural—the size is just perfect.” Carmella has been transformed from being a young woman who was self-conscious about her small breasts to a confident woman ready to take on the world and wear whatever she wants to while doing it.

She is very ready for summertime when she won’t be hidden under heavy winter clothes. “I felt like if I did the surgery during the winter, I would be ready for swimsuits and tank-tops this summer,” she says. “I’m covered up now but I can’t wait to show them off. I look great”


She recommends New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Parker to anyone who asks because of his professionalism, the friendliness of his team and, of course, her phenomenal results.

Carmella’s advice to anyone who is thinking about it: “Go for it!”

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