New Jersey Breast Augmentation Patient Says: “It’s now or never!”

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

“Wait until you’ve had kids before you get your implants.” This is what New Jersey plastic surgery patient, Christy, heard from friends and family when she would bring up the subject. But at 28, while on a beach vacation this winter, Christy decided to go ahead and do it.

“Watching other women walking by filling out their bathing suits, I was like, ‘I want that!’ So, I made the decision then to go ahead with it when I got home. I knew that it was now or never. I had the money and I felt that other life altering issues, like kids, would force me to put it off even longer,” she says. “I want to enjoy them now, not years from now.”

She chose Dr. Parker for her New Jersey breast augmentation procedure because she had seen his work in person. But what clinched her decision was the consultation. She was very impressed with the entire staff at The Parker Center and appreciated that they treated her like a part of their family instead of just a patient.

“I got a really good vibe from everyone when I walked in,” she says. “I knew if I didn’t feel comfortable during consult that I would keep looking. But, my search was over when I found Dr. Parker.”

Christy was barely a B cup prior to her procedure. The silicone implants she chose made her a 34/36 D. She says the results look completely natural and in proportion with the rest of her body. Because she wore padded bras to mask her lack of a bust-line, no one even realizes that she had the procedure. As for her recovery, Christy says she was back to work in full-force after just two weeks!

She feels so much better about herself and is, of course, working on a new wardrobe. She is ready to show off her new body on her next beach vacation. She does say that there is one downside- having to say goodbye to her current wardrobe, which she is quite attached to.

“My girlfriends are going shopping in my closet and lingerie drawer,” she says. “They are having fun doing it, but my boyfriend has noticed that I am spending a lot of time in my closet saying goodbye to my ‘collection’.”

When asked about the issue of kids since so many people had used that as an argument to wait, Christy said that she, Dr. Parker and Angela, the patient education nurse, went over everything including the fact that having kids after implants would not cause any problems.

“Angela was great. She went over everything, including the aspect of kids,” says Christy. “There was even a chart of emotions to expect following the procedure. They prepared me really well for what I was going to go through.”

Christy has recommended Dr. Parker to all her friends that are interested in New Jersey plastic surgery and says that if she ever needed anything else done, there was no question where she would go.

For more information about our New Jersey breast augmentation procedure and to view before and after pictures, visit To schedule a consultation like several of Christy’s friends have done, call (201) 967-1212 today!

“I’m really happy I chose The Parker Center!”

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