New Jersey Breast Augmentation Patient Thoughtful and Thorough in Her Decision

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

At 37, Diana was finished with having children and was ready to finally get the breasts she’d always wanted. Always on the small side, having her three children made them almost non-existent.


“I started out as a small B and by my third child, they were less than an A cup,” says Diana. “It looked like all I had was an areola and an awkward nipple!”

Diana always knew she wanted implants and, as it turned out, one of her good friends wanted them as well. So, they set out together to find the best plastic surgeon. New Jersey has many to choose from so they asked around and Dr. Paul M. Parker’s name came up more than once.

“My girlfriend and I were interviewing surgeons together,” says Diana. “Finding out from two different friends who had experience with Dr. Parker and then meeting him sealed the deal. He was the one for the job. We liked his patient manner in explaining everything to us. We also felt very comfortable in the Parker Center and with the nurturing staff which surrounds Dr. Parker.”


Dr. Parker encourages his patients to bring a friend or family member to the consultations just as Diana and her girlfriend were doing.

Of course, beyond choosing a surgeon, Diana was very thoughtful in not only deciding to get the New Jersey breast augmentation surgery, but also in the type of implant. She carefully researched the differences between silicone and saline and talked with her family about them.

She discussed getting implants with her gynecologist and even called an old family friend who is a plastic surgeon in another state. Diana left no stone unturned as she made her decision to get the saline implants.


The support of her family was also a huge factor. “I was so lucky to have married into a family of small-breasted women who all have breast implants,” she says. “Everyone was so supportive and shared their stories with me. I don’t think I would have gone through with it if I didn’t have the support of my mom and family.”

She is extremely pleased with the Dr. Parker’s work. Right up to the surgery, despite several Sizing and Shaping Sessions, she was still not sure about the right size for her– 375 CCs or 350 CCs. So, she left the decision in the hands of Dr. Parker and his nurses, trusting that they understood what look she wanted.

“I asked the nurses to be my eyes since I would be under” says Diana. “When I came out, they said the 375 CC implants looked too big and they used 350 CC implants instead. They are so natural-looking. I love them!”Diana embraced the Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery program and enjoyed a bounced back from surgery quickly and painlessly.

Her girlfriend had breast augmentation with Dr. Parker several weeks later and had a very similar, very positive experience.

Patient education is a key component to Dr. Parker’s practice and Diana is a perfect example of what can be achieved: an educated patient who partners with Dr. Parker and his staff to achieve natural results along with a quick and pain free recovery from surgery. To schedule your New Jersey breast augmentation consultation, call The Parker Center at (201) 967-1212.

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