New Jersey Breast Augmentation a Great Success for This Professional Figure Competitor!

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

blog-anaAs a professional figure competitor, personal trainer and group instructor, I have a heightened awareness of my body. My breasts were always small and not very symmetrical, so breast augmentation seemed the right thing to do if I wanted a better size and shape. I did a lot of online research and talked with friends. The first doctor I saw fell short of my expectations. But from the moment I walked into The Parker Center, I knew it was the right choice. My experience with everyone on the staff before, during and after my procedure exceeded my expectations. As someone who has never had any elective surgery before, I was pretty nervous, but I was immediately made to feel comfortable. My appointment happened to be late—around 6pm—so I figured everyone would be anxious to get home. The exact opposite happened. Dr. Parker acted like I was his only patient. He didn’t rush me, or rattle off a bunch of medical jargon. He answered all my questions and put me at ease. Liz did a great job during the sizing session. It was very important that I look proportionate yet natural in my figure costume. The pictures she took really helped me make up my mind on increasing my A cup to a B. I even came back a second time and Liz was patient and accommodating. Before my surgery Kathleen did my pre-op review. I left feeling very prepared. Charlene really calmed my nerves the day of surgery. She spent lots of time with my fiancé so he would know how to care for me. I remember hearing her call him after surgery just to give him an update on my condition.

My recovery was certainly not what I expected. I think the speed to which I recovered was due in part to my being a stickler for following rules combined with Dr. Parker’s unique recovery program. I took the vitamins they prescribed and listened to my body. An added bonus was my post operative visits with Sugey who provided me with three massages to help reduce swelling and inflammation. No one else I know who has had breast enhancement has experienced this type of service. Within 4 days I was up and driving which is remarkable by anyone’s standards.

My surgery was on October 15th. There was a big competition coming up on November 8th. My friends, especially those who had breast augmentation and competed themselves told me to resign myself to “sit this one out.” No one was more surprised than me when I walked on that stage 24 days post surgery…and WON FIRST PLACE. Today I am 34-24-34. My clothes fit perfectly and I’m thrilled with my new profile, on and off the stage. Every time I look at myself, I want to say, “Thank you Parker Center!”

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