Medi-Spa Manager Susan Chooses Parker Center for her Facelift

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Susan, age 50, is the manager of a Medi-Spa in northern New Jersey and works with many women who have had cosmetic surgery, facial fillers (injectables) and other skin care treatments. Since she is in the beauty industry, she is very knowledgeable about the different types of procedures available.

“About two years ago I really started to notice my face slipping. Facial fillers weren’t really working anymore. I don’t know any other way to describe it. I was developing jowls. I think gravity had just taken over. My jawline didn’t look the same,” explained Susan.

Susan is a firm believer in using both surgical and non-surgical procedures to help women feel better about themselves. When she started to notice the sagging in her face, she called the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery. There was never any question who would do her facelift. New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker, was Susan’s first choice as this was her 4th procedure with him in fourteen years. Dr. Parker recommended a full face and neck lift to achieve the results Susan desired.

As a New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker says, “The soft tissues of the cheeks and neck tend to droop as a result of aging and gravity. A facelift counters this process by removing excess skin and tightening the tissues in the middle and lower face as well as the neck. Since individuals age at different rates, there really is no ‘set age’ to have a face lift.”

While there is no set time to have a facelift, many believe that having a facelift in your late 40’s to early 50’s allows problem areas to be fixed before they become worse. Also by having the facelift at a younger age, the difference will be more effective and less of a severe change.

“In my job, I work with a lot of women who have had plastic surgery, and they’re always jumping around having surgery with the newest, hottest doctor in Manhattan. I tell my clients, find a doctor you like and stay with him. If you age with your doctor, he gets to know you and your body and can achieve better results than any doctor that’s the “flavor of the month”,” said Susan.

Susan had her plastic surgery four weeks ago and says the results are beyond anything she expected. She was amazed that she had very little swelling and only a small amount of bruising. She said she followed her post-op instructions to the letter and was thrilled that the results have been so amazing. Susan says that even the most cynical of her friends readily admits that she looks wonderful.

“The best compliments I’ve gotten are the ones who say first off you look absolutely amazing and secondly you don’t look like you’ve had surgery done. I love to hear that. It’s still me just natural and younger, that’s what makes Dr. Parker so wonderful,” said Susan.

Susan went on to say that the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery is very high end with their philosophy on patient care and operates like a precision instrument. She said that it’s clear that everyone working there knows their job, understands their patients, and handles things the right way.

If you’re concerned about facial aging and would be interested in learning more about face and neck lifts, visit our website at to see before and after photos, read patient testimonials and view animated videos of cosmetic procedures. Dr. Parker offers consultations and uses computer imaging to show you how you would look after surgery. Call us today at (201)-967-1212 to make your appointment to meet the new you.

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