Marissa’s Rapid Recovery with Breast Augmentation New Jersey

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Marissa, a full-time college student, had thought many times about getting breast implants. Recently she decided to stop taking oral contraceptives which had given her breasts some fullness. Unhappy being back to her normal breast size, Marissa started to seriously think about having a breast augmentation. New Jersey based plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker, was able to grant her wish.

“I had actually thought that I would wait to get breast augmentation in New Jersey until after I had children but who knows when that will be and I really wanted implants. I thought I might as well just do it now. Why wait?” said Marissa.

Marissa had consulted with Dr. Parker and considered one other plastic surgeon. Marissa chose Dr. Parker because she was impressed with his staff and when she met him she felt confident that he was the right choice. Dr. Parker’s warmth and professionalism along with his willingness to listen and understand her wishes eradicated any doubts about her decision.

Marissa works part-time as a waitress and bartender while still in college. Waiting until after her 22nd birthday just after New Year’s, during her winter break, Marissa had silicone implants on January 4. Incredibly, Marissa was back at work on January 7, just three days after her surgery.

“I felt really good. I was hardly bruised at all. I was careful not to lift any heavy trays or anything. My co-workers knew I had surgery and really helped me out,” said Marissa.

Marissa took Dr. Parkers post-operative instructions very seriously and followed them to the letter. While every patients experience is unique and everyone handles recovery differently, Marissa is an outstanding example of the success of The Parker Center’s Rapid Recovery System.

Dr. Parker has developed a protocol known as the Rapid Recovery System to help his patients recover faster and more comfortably. More than just pain medication, this system allows patients to resume their active lifestyles with a minimum amount of downtime.

Other aspects of the Rapid Recovery System include the use of limited incisions which speed healing. Short –acting anesthetic agents and anti-nausea medications reduce recovery time from anesthesia. A tailored regimen of medications to raise the patient’s pain threshold minimize post-op pain along with a combination of drugs designed to reduce swelling and bruising. Topically applied skin creams in addition to a series of special massages called manual lymphatic drainage are given to accelerate the healing process and recovery time.

Marissa is thrilled with her new breasts and is enjoying a new found sense of confidence and pride. Even though it’s only been a week, she feels so much better about her appearance. She’s looking forward to graduation and feels more confident about starting her career.

New Jersey Breast Augmentation

“When I saw Dr. Parker at my follow-up visit, I was gushing. I’m just so happy with how I look. I just thanked him up and down,” said Marissa.

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