Male versus Female –All New Jersey Rhinoplasty Procedures Are Not Created Equal

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Recently, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker created a new page on our site outlining key areas of difference between male and female rhinoplasty. New Jersey patient complaints are usually similar between the sexes, but resolving the issues through surgery is handled very differently.

“The goal of male rhinoplasty surgery is to achieve an improved, but natural masculine contour, while correcting any internal deformities that may be causing breathing difficulties,” stated Dr. Parker. The new male rhinoplasty page on our site not only details the differences between male and female nasal structure but also details the types of surgery performed to correct specific problems.

Upon examination, a male nose tends to be more dominant on the face with a stronger profile. In correcting a male nose, Dr. Parker uses the following key differences to maintain a strong masculine appearance for his patients:

  • The male dorsal is wider and straighter with less concavity at the part of the nose between the eyes than the female nose and it should remain straight, whereas a female nose may have 1-2 mm of curvature and a supratip break.
  • The angle of nasal columella (that separates the nostrils) to the upper lip should be 90 degrees in men versus 95 degrees in women and the chin is more prominent in men.
  • The nasal tip is broader and more bulbous in men versus that of a more refined tip in women and the nasal skin in men is usually thicker, which limits the amount of change that can be achieved.

“When all of these characteristics are combined, you have a framework to create a male nose as opposed to a feminine one. When you factor in the size and shape of an individual’s face, we develop a unique, personalized surgical plan to achieve a balanced, proportional nose,” explained Dr. Parker.

When you have a consultation for rhinoplasty, New Jersey, Dr. Parker will listen to your concerns, explain a surgical plan for correction and use computer imaging to help our patients visualize their anticipated results. Patients enjoy seeing their before and after imaging; it also assists Dr. Parker in understanding their surgical goals.

Depending upon the type of correction to be done, Dr. Parker will either perform a closed rhinoplasty for very minor corrections, an open rhinoplasty (most common type) or a tipplasty (surgery involving only the tip of the nose). The nose and chin together help determine your profile. In about 15%-20% of cases, a chin augmentation procedure is done in conjunction with rhinoplasty surgery in order to build out the chin and achieve
better facial balance.

Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia and lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the complexity of the plastic surgery. New Jersey patients go home about an hour after the surgery with a plastic splint on their nose for protection. The splint is removed after one week. Patients can return to normal activities in seven to ten days after surgery and may exercise after two weeks.

“Your nose is the most dominant feature on your face. Changing the look of your nose can dramatically alter your appearance. Using these guidelines, I’m working to keep the male nose masculine and keep the female nose feminine, while still achieving an aesthetically pleasing result,” said Dr. Parker.

At the Parker Center, Rhinoplasty procedures are performed by Dr. Parker at our on-site, state of the art, fully accredited, ambulatory surgical center, Surgiplex, LLC.

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