Looking for dramatic, beautiful butt lift results? Learn how new technology helps Dr. Parker create a better Brazilian butt lift

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For several years, the Brazilian butt lift has been gaining popularity among patients wishing for a fuller, rounder and more attractive derrière. Safer, more natural-looking and longer-lasting than butt implants, this specialized fat grafting procedure starts with liposuction to the hips, lower back, thighs, and/or abdomen to create a nice frame for the buttocks. A portion of this fat is injected into the buttocks to enhance its size and shape to just the right proportions.

Dr. Parker has been performing Brazilian butt lifts in New Jersey for years and is well-known for achieving beautiful results for a variety of patient body types. Recently, he began using new fat grafting technology to help him achieve even better results for his patients. We asked Dr. Parker a few questions about this new “hi-tech” approach to Brazilian butt lift surgery.

So what’s this new technology you’re using during Brazilian butt lift procedures?

Dr. Parker: It’s called the Wells Johnson High Volume Precision Auto Graft System. Basically, it allows the plastic surgeon to harvest, purify, and inject the fat with greater control for a faster, more efficient procedure. It also allows me to inject fat at higher pressure, which better expands the tissue in the buttocks. Good tissue expansion is important in order to add the amount of fat needed to achieve a patient’s desired buttock shape and size increase. The technology makes this process much more efficient compared to manual fat injections.

How does the machine improve the buttock augmentation procedure for patients?

Dr. Parker: There are several key benefits for patients. First, using the machine allows me to complete the fat purification and re-injection processes more quickly than before. This translates to less time under anesthesia, which is safer for patients and also can make the initial recovery easier. Additionally, the power of the machine allows me to expand tissues to accommodate more fat and distribute it more evenly throughout the buttocks. I believe this results in a more aesthetically pleasing, consistent buttock shape for many patients. It also opens up more options for patients who want a more dramatic increase in fullness or who need greater contouring to improve a flat or misshapen buttocks.

Does technology like this make BBL an easier procedure for surgeons to perform?

Dr. Parker: Because it adds efficiency and power to the procedure, this new technology can help an accomplished plastic surgeon execute his or her skills more effectively, in turn boosting results—much in the way an electric mixer can help a master baker complete a recipe more effectively. However, no machine can make up for a lack of skill or expertise; it just enhances the process for surgeons who already have the surgical knowledge, aesthetic judgment, and experience to achieve a great result.

I still have just as much control over the sculpting aspect of the Brazilian butt lift procedure, both with liposuction and fat grafting. Maintaining this control was very important to me when I decided to incorporate this technology. What I love about using the Wells Johnson system is that it helps me more effectively achieve my vision for a patient’s buttock shape and proportions. Our patients agree when they see the impressive results.

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