Linda Achieves Face Lift Results with Croton Oil Chemical Peel

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Linda, a 60-year-old retiree, initially went to see Dr. Parker for a consultation on her lower eyelids. She was concerned about her under eye puffiness and disliked people asking her if she was tired all the time.
“My under eye area was my primary concern and anti-aging of course. I had been a smoker, gained and lost weight, and am a sun worshipper so my skin had some real damage. Dr. Parker recommended a Croton Peel to not only improve my under eye area, but my skin overall,” said Linda.

A Croton Oil Peel is a moderately deep chemical peel that can remove deeper wrinkles and lines, skin discoloration and acne scars. With a deeper chemical peel, the recovery time increases but the effects are more dramatic and long lasting. Chemical peels are considered a non-invasive cosmetic procedure, but patients having deeper peels need to be closely monitored.

Linda has had several small procedures done with Dr. Parker including her upper eyelids, but she knew that she didn’t want to have a facelift. She was afraid that a facelift would change her appearance too drastically. Dr. Parker recommended the Croton Peel to correct the damage to her skin and tighten its overall appearance.

Chemical peels have been around for more than 50 years. The Croton Oil Peel is an updated, improved version of the Phenol based peel first published by Dr Tom Baker in 1961. The newest and latest facial resurfacing technology often garner the most press and publicity, but for safety and long lasting results many patients choose moderately deep chemical peels. New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, has given many patients amazing results with a Croton Oil Peel.

“Honestly it took a good 10-14 days for me to look okay. I still have some redness that I cover with makeup, but my skin is absolutely amazing. People think I had a facelift,” said Linda.

Patients who undergo a moderately deep chemical peel at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery follow a customized pre-procedure skin care plan. Linda first had a microdermabrasion treatment and spent several weeks using the Obagi skincare regimen. These steps are important in order to improve the initial condition of the skin, allow the chemical peel to better penetrate the skin and quicken and simplify the recovery afterwards.

“Dr. Parker thought that I’d really benefit from a Croton Oil Peel, and he was absolutely right. I’m so happy that I trusted his judgment. He spent a lot of time explaining to me exactly how the peel would work and what would happen. I felt completely prepared,” explained Linda.

Moderately deep chemical peels are not for everyone. Generally, people with darker or oilier skin are not good candidates for a Croton Oil Peel. Heavily freckled skin can also be problematic for deeper peels.
However, many fair to medium skin tones can greatly benefit from a Croton Oil Peel.

Once Linda’s skin had healed enough to wear makeup, she spent time with Kim Ashton of the Beaura Spa at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, getting some new “good for her skin” makeup from Jane Iredale. Linda is also looking forward to the time when she can continue using the Obagi Skin Care line to keep her new skin young and fresh.

“I’m honestly thrilled with the results of my Croton Oil Peel. Never in a million years did I think my skin could look this good. Dr. Parker is wonderful, and my skin looks amazing. What more could I ask for?” stated Linda.

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Dr. Paul M. Parker, the medical director of the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery, is board certified and has over twenty years of experience. The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery includes his medical offices, a fully certified and accredited ambulatory surgery center, and the Beaura Spa.

For a consultation please call the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery at (201) 967-1212. Whether you’re considering cosmetic surgery, injectables or just treating yourself to a spa day, the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery helps women look and feel their best.

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