Isolaz and Microdermabrasion Acne Treatment- New Jersey’s miracle cure. One patients story.

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

You would think you could pack away the acne cream with your high school yearbooks, but for me that wasn’t the case. I’ve suffered from mild to moderate acne since my teens with little relief—and now I’m in my forties.

For a while my skin would be clear with occasional hormonal outbreaks. I went for regular facials and IPL treatments thinking they would calm down whatever was triggering the acne. Topical acne medication seemed to help, but last summer my skin got so bad that nothing I tried got it under control.

Earlier in the summer I read an article in Vogue about a woman who sounded just like me. She got great results from a new technology called Isolaz. Oprah also featured Isolaz on her show. I visited the Isolaz website and decided to try it. Not all dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons have this particular tool. The Parker Center was on the list, so I made an appointment and met with Georgiana, an aesthetician with the practice. She examined my skin and told me that the closed, raised, red bumps on my face and neck resembled those usually occurring during an allergic reaction, which meant my skin’s immune system was particularly vulnerable. After evaluating my skin, Georgiana developed a treatment plan that included alternating between Isolaz and Microdermabrasion. She explained the Microdermabrasion would offer rapid exfoliation and stimulate healthy cell renewal while the Isolaz would be like a vacuuming laser, banishing the bacteria that was causing the acne.

Since a series of treatments is recommended, I bought a package of 5. Honestly, the price is like that of a good facial. The treatment itself was completely painless. There’s virtually no downtime and you can reapply your makeup before you leave. I didn’t see any real results until after the third treatment. I was anxious but the Isolaz website clearly stated it takes time for the skin to respond so I wasn’t concerned. I started in September and was finished around Christmas. What a difference. My skin is smoother and clearer and my oil production is a fraction of what it used to be. Now Georgiana has me on a maintenance program where I see her once a month for either Isolaz or Microdermabrasion.

One mystery that will never be solved is was it the Isolaz, or was it the Microdermabrasion that turned my skin around? Since I never had either before going to The Parker Center, I’ll never know. But I do know that I never looked or felt better. Georgiana was helpful, capable and confident she could help me. I’m done experimenting.

For further information about this revolutionary acne cure, New Jersey or New York residents should call the Beaura Spa at (201) 967-1756.

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