Is Breast Augmentation Right for You?

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For many years, breasts have represented femininity, nurturing and sexuality. Small breasts may be associated with feelings of low self esteem and diminished femininity. In an effort to remedy this problem, women have used special bras and inserts to create fuller breasts. With the increasing popularity and safety of breast augmentation, women are increasingly enhancing the size and shape of their breasts with surgery.

Who has breast augmentation?

In our experience at the Parker Center, there isn’t a “typical” patient seeking breast augmentation. Our patients are often fall into one of the following categories:

  • A woman who became bothered by the loss of fullness in her breasts after childbirth or breast feeding.
  • A woman in her 20’s with concerns about her small breasts since adolescence.
  • A teenager troubled by the failure of her breasts to develop like those of her sister, friends or mother.

Improved Self-Confidence & More

Regardless of their reasons for requesting breast augmentation, Dr. Parker has observed that his patients share a common set of feelings following surgery. His findings are corroborated by those of his colleagues across the country also performing many breast enlargements. They are as follows:

  • Over 90 % of patients have an improved body image and self esteem.
  • Almost all of his patients would undergo the procedure again and recommend it to their friends. Many of our patients are referred by former patients.
  • When seen at their one year anniversary following surgery, patients report the procedure exceeded their expectations.
  • Patients report they feel more comfortable with their bodies, a greater sense of femininity and their relationships are enhanced.
  • Patients feel more self confident and demonstrate improved interpersonal skills.
  • Many patients feel a psychological lift from now being able to wear stylish clothing and bathing attire that they previously could not.

These positive emotional responses to breast augmentation are very gratifying to Dr. Parker and his staff at the Parker Center. They are achievable in a significant number of patients, though breast augmentation is not for everyone.

Before you have surgery, consider this…

You may not be a candidate for breast augmentation if you have significant health problems or if you are not properly motivated for surgery. You should be seeking the surgery for you and not because you think it will salvage a failing relationship or have people look at you in a different light. Don’t be talked into this by someone else – only you can decide what is right for you. Dr. Parker and our team at the Parker Center will be happy to help in making the right decision with you.

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