In New Jersey, Breast Augmentation Program Reports Over 90% of Patients with a More Positive Body Image

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

team_photo_janet_04.jpgAt The Parker Center, patients seeking New Jersey breast augmentation typically are a young woman who never had volume in her breasts or the post-partum mom who has lost volume and has some sagging. Very small breasts or sagging breasts inhibit a woman from wearing the kind of clothes she wants and causes her to avoid certain social situations like

wearing a bathing suit. When they come to Dr. Parker about implants, they undergo an extensive evaluation, a sizing session and very thorough pre-operative education about breast implant surgery.

The image in the mirror is often the culprit of low self-esteem and lack of confidence in a woman. Often women who are unhappy with their appearance don’t know where to start. If they find they want to seek surgical treatment it is important to follow a certain set of steps to help guarantee the upmost satisfaction with their new look. The Parker Center in New Jersey follows a plan that may help many see the important steps in beginning your journey for a new look.

A consultation for breast augmentation in New Jersey with Dr. Parker begins with him spending a few minutes getting to know the patient. He will then listen carefully after asking the patient to tell him specifically what bothers her. Dr. Parker performs a physical examination to correlate the patient’s concerns with her physical findings. Options for treatment will then be reviewed, including a detailed discussion of saline versus silicone implants in order to find what’s best for each patient.

Determining desired breast size which looks natural is a very important consideration in women pursuing breast augmentation. New Jersey patients have at least three opportunities to clarify this at the Parker Center. Immediately after meeting with Dr. Parker, they will undergo a breast implant sizing session with one an experienced staff member to determine how they would like to look. The Parker Center staff refers to this as “taking a test drive”. The patient will use different size implants in a bra under a tank top. She will look at herself in a mirror and pictures of the various sizes will also be taken. These are posted on the Parker Center website to be accessed only with a special password. This allows the patient to go on-line and peruse the photos at her leisure. In addition, it enables the patient to get opinions from her sister in California and her best friend in New York. Finally, within two weeks of the scheduled surgical procedure, the patient undergoes a pre-op education visit with Dr. Parker’s Nurse Educator. The sizing session is repeated once more during this visit.


Breast augmentation surgeries are performed in the Parker Center’s onsite fully certified ambulatory surgical facility under general anesthesia. The procedures usually require roughly one hour to complete. Patients are discharged shortly thereafter. Thanks to the Rapid Recovery Program developed at the Parker Center, patients almost always recover quickly and painlessly from surgery.


Following a breast lift, New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker has observed the following:

  • Over 90 % of patients have an improved body image and self esteem.
  • Almost all of his patients would undergo the procedure again and recommend it to their friends.
  • When seen at their one year anniversary following surgery, patients report the procedure exceeded their expectations.
  • Patients report they feel more comfortable with their bodies, a greater sense of femininity and their relationships are enhanced.
  • Patients feel more self confident and demonstrate improved interpersonal skills.

Many patients feel a psychological lift from now being able to wear stylish clothing and bathing attire that they previously could not.

When patients return for their postop visits to see Dr. Parker he often hears that they are back looking in the mirror again. Now, however, they smile when they look at what they see and also what they are feeling. It’s gratifying for Dr. Parker and the staff at the Parker Center to witness these transformations and make such a positive difference in their patient’s lives.

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