Having Breast Enlargement Surgery? New Jersey Patient Shares Her ‘Rapid Recovery’ Story

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

team_photo_angela_03.jpgIt’s natural to feel nervous or even anxious before breast enlargement surgery. New Jersey residents sometimes visit our office 2, 3 and 4 times for a consultation before deciding they are ready for the procedure.

One such patient that experienced uncertainty about breast augmentation was Diane.  She was actually referred to our office by 3 different people who had their breasts operated on by Dr. Parker and experienced phenomenal results.

She too wanted to have her breasts enlarged, but “wasn’t quite ready” when she came to see Dr. Parker in 2007.
Yet after meeting with Dr. Parker at the recommendation of her friends, she still felt obligated to visit another New Jersey plastic surgeon for a second opinion.  Finally, after months of “shopping around,” she knew that IF she ever went through with the procedure, Dr. Parker was the only surgeon for the job.

In March of 2009, Diane actually “felt ready” to go through with her breast augmentation procedure and set up an appointment with Dr. Parker to get started.

At Dr. Parker’s suggestion, Diane embarked on a 3-week plan to get healthy before her procedure.  This consisted of cutting out caffeine and wine—and quitting smoking prior to her surgery (which she had been ready to do for some time, but now she had motivation!).breast_augmentation_in_new_jersey_after_front.jpgbreast_enlargement_new_jersey_before_front.jpg

She also followed Dr. Parker’s “Rapid Recovery” protocol by the book— which consisted of taking certain vitamins, supplements and anti-inflammatory medication to better prepare the body for surgery and the healing process.

And while Diane expected to wake up in extreme pain with bruising and swelling—she was pleasantly surprised to find nothing but a quarter-size bruise on her right breast.

During our interview for this blog post, I asked Diane how long she was in bed following the procedure.  Her response was, “In bed?! I was up OUT of bed immediately.  In fact, I had to contain myself from walking around and cleaning up the house when I got home that night”.

Again, coming from a woman who was “not quite ready” for the surgery in 2007, she was also surprised at how effective Dr. Parker’s rapid recovery techniques really were following breast augmentation surgery.

And just ten days later at her follow up appointment, you could barely tell she’d had anything done. The quarter –size bruise was gone and her breasts looked as though they’d been there for most of her adult life.

Needless to say, Diane was very happy that she went through with her New Jersey breast augmentation surgery (except for the fact that she would have gone bigger if she knew how great they were going to look and feel!).

Finally, Diane had the following to say to our potential New Jersey cosmetic surgery patients that are anxious about breast augmentation surgery:

“As long as you follow Dr. Parker’s instructions to the letter, you will be amazingly surprised at how easy the procedure really is. The entire process was beyond my wildest expectations.  You just have to realize that he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to a quick recovery”.

For further information on New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker or to set up a consultation for residents should call (201) 967-1212.

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