Gynecomastia Affects Everyday Men and Celebrities Alike

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While most celebrities go to great lengths to hide their cosmetic surgery procedures, some celebrities are quite open and frank. A celebrity who doesn’t hide his cosmetic procedure is Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who elected to have a gynecomastia procedure done. A former professional wrestler and modern-day movie star, Dwayne Johnson has appeared in films such as “The Scorpion King” and “Walking Tall” and is well known for his incredible physique.

Gynecomastia or enlarged breasts in men is very common and affects an estimated 35% of men both young and old. The enlargement can be an excessive development of breast tissue, fat or a combination of both.

For men like Dwayne Johnson, with an excessive fat deposit in the breast area, simple liposuction can take care of the problem. For men who have a combination of fat and glandular tissue, New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Paul M. Parker uses a combination of liposuction and surgical means to remove the excess tissue.

“It was an aesthetic thing. I went in and showed the doctor, and he said, ‘Are you crazy?’ I was walking around with my shirt off all the time, so I had it done,” said Dwayne.

Patients who have undergone gynecomastia reduction are usually thrilled with the flat, contoured results. The surgery takes about an hour to perform. Patients are released to go home after about an hour in recovery and can get back to exercising in about a week. Many gynecomastia patients often express regret that they suffered with the embarrassment of the condition for so long when it was so easy to treat.

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