For This Woman in New Jersey, Breast Augmentation with Dr. Parker was the Best Decision

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Ever since high school I wanted bigger breasts and knew I would someday have breast augmentation. But “someday” seemed never to arrive. Other priorities kept coming up. Friends and family wanted me to wait. “Finish school.” “Save your money.” “Wait ‘til you have children.” Finally I was done with excuses. I’m 26 now and my husband encouraged me to do what I needed to so I could feel comfortable in my own skin.

Once I knew I had the green light, I did a lot of research online so I could be educated before scheduling a consultation. I asked my gynecologist and friends for recommendations and wound up seeing 5 surgeons. I have to say I learned something from everyone I met with…but the two main ingredients were missing—being comfortable and feeling excited. There was plenty of talk about silicone and saline and cc’s, but at the end of the day it’s all just terminology. No one put it in a way that meant something to me personally.

I had a level of comfort from the first phone call to Dr. Parker’s office. Janet spent over 30 minutes with me on the phone like she had all the time in the world. All the staff was so accommodating and Dr. Parker genuinely listened to me and then explained every step about the procedure. He was the only doctor that didn’t act like he was reading off a script. The best part of the consultation was when they do sizing. I put a bra and t-shirt on with different size implants and had my picture taken. It really helped me imagine what I would look like. You get a password so you can go online and show those pictures to your husband or friends. I decided I would like a C cup.

My main concern was the recovery. I was expecting a lot of pain. I’m a hairdresser and use my arms a lot for styling and cutting hair. I took off 5 days including the surgery day and was back at work with no problem. The biggest surprise I had was the outcome. I’m petite and was nervous that I would wake up with these big round things. But I look so natural and they feel so real. It sounds corny, but I am even standing up straighter. I wear whatever I want. No more padded bras!

If you are thinking about it, research everything so you know what to ask and what to expect. Take your time and see a lot of people. Don’t compromise until you reach that special comfort level with a surgeon. You’ll know when you are in the right place.

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