First Class Consultation Gives Rhinoplasty Patient Fran Confidence

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Fran is a 26-year-old single, professional woman who has wanted a nose job since she was in high school. She had considered having surgery three or four years ago, but did not care for the surgeon she went to see.
“When I had that first consultation a few years ago, I didn’t really get a lot of information, and I wasn’t very impressed. The surgeon also wanted to charge me 10% of the fee to have photos done. I wasn’t going to pay for something I didn’t feel good about doing,” explained Fran.

Fran went on to tell us that her consultation at the Parker Center was the complete opposite experience. From the moment Fran called for an appointment for a consultation, she said that she got a lot of information about the procedure and had all her questions answered.

Fran also appreciated the fact that the computer imaging session was part of her consultation. She said that gave her an extra boost of confidence because she knew what to expect. Dr. Parker really spent time with her to understand her expectations and to explain the expected results from her plastic surgery. Fran says that Dr. Parker made her feel at peace.

“I found the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery while doing an Internet search for rhinoplasty. I weeded out the sites that just didn’t impress me, but the Parker Center site had so much information and lots of photos and videos of procedures. I knew I wanted to go there for a consultation,” said Fran.

Fran wasn’t looking at the before and after pictures for a specific result. She was looking mostly at the “before” photos for a nose like hers and to see if the “after” photos had a significant difference. She wanted to see enough of a difference between the photos to make surgery worthwhile. Fran really enjoyed the photos and reading the patient’s stories.

There was so much more involved in her consultation with Dr. Parker than she had previously experienced. Fran felt that they were much more professional and involved. She was impressed that more than one person explained the procedure to her and by the idea of all the follow-ups after surgery.

“People had always told me my nose was fine, but it really bothered me. I had no confidence in myself, and I really wanted to have this done for a long time. I thought I knew everything about rhinoplasty, but after my consultation with Dr. Parker I learned so much more,” said Fran.

Fran took two weeks off from work to have her surgery and said that everything went very smoothly and exactly as Dr. Parker had explained. Fran felt her recovery was much less uncomfortable than she had expected from her rhinoplasty. New Jersey is home to a life changing doctor’s office.

“Having my nose fixed with Dr. Parker was absolutely the best decision I’ve ever made. People see the difference in my personality now. I’m much more confident, I’m more upbeat and cheerier. It was a really good experience,” Fran said.

Everyone at the Parker Center was good, Fran explained but Angela, the nurse coordinator, was terrific. She was there for Fran through the entire process and was the first person to tell her that everything went well and her nose was “super cute.”

Fran said she has already recommended Dr. Parker to a friend and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone in the future. She loves the way she looks post plastic surgery. New Jersey professional, Dr. Parker, has a wonderful team.

If you’re interested in New Jersey rhinoplasty, or any other cosmetic surgery, please click here or call our office to set up an appointment for a consultation at 201-967-1212. To see animated videos of actual procedures, view patient before and after photos.

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