Facelifts Let You Look and Feel Years Younger

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

It seems that most people who get facelifts do so because they want to feel and look younger. And while
there is no doubt a facelift can smooth out wrinkles, tighten jaw lines, and reduce sagging eyelids, it’s
typically difficult to judge exactly how much younger one will look.

That is until now.

Essentially, a facelift and other procedures that accompany the surgery are performed by tightening
the skin and removing or rearranging excess tissue. In an effort to determine how many years one can
expect to shed with the procedure, a team of researchers asked medical students to estimate the ages of
patients in before and after photos. According to a study published in February, the findings revealed that
having a facelift treatment can reduce a person’s outward appearance by six to eight years.

The study confirmed what many plastic surgeons have long suspected. A facelift is able to make a patient
look substantially younger! This benefit is only the tip of the iceberg. The Aesthetic Surgery Education
and Research Foundation has also commissioned studies that indicate that facial plastic surgery offers
significant and sustained improvements in a patient’s body image. In fact, up to 97% of patients reported
satisfactory results one year after surgery and would recommend it to others as well as do it again

A great benefit is that modern medicine allows patients to get a facelift targeted to specific areas they
desire to improve. An eyelift, for example, removes excess fat and loose skin to reduce the droopiness of
the eyelid. In contrast, a browlift is performed by removing the muscles and releasing the tissues in the
forehead to gain a higher eyebrow position.

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