Eyelid Surgery – New Jersey Patient Christine Loves Her New Outlook!

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Six weeks ago, 68-year old Christine, had upper and lower eyelid surgery and can’t believe how great her eyes look now.  Christine, who’s married and works full-time overcame her husband’s objections to surgery and both of them are thrilled with the results.

Christine had had plastic surgery before, 21 years ago when she lived in Southern California.  Back then she had an extensive facelift, that included her eyes, neck, chin implant and a chemical peel.

“I only wanted to have my eyes done this time.  I had started to develop some droop in my upper eyes, but it was mostly the bagginess and the crepe skin on the lower lids that bothered me,” said Christine.

Christine began asking around for referrals of plastic surgeons.  For eyelid surgery, New Jersey surgeon Dr. Paul M. Parker’s name came up several times and when her dermatologist recommended him, Christine decided to do some research on the internet.

“I used the Parker Center website not only get more information about Dr. Parker but also to get information about the surgery as well.  It was great, there was so much information.  A lot of my questions were answered by the video,” explained Christine.

Christine was very impressed when she met Dr. Parker.  She described him as very pleasant with a gentle, unrushed manner, yet thoroughly professional. He took time to make sure she understood blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation) surgery thoroughly.

Christine took a week off from work, but felt good enough to go out after few days with sunglasses on, and was back working on the computer at the end of the week.  Christine was anxious for the swelling to go down quickly and slept in chair to help speed the process.

“I also had the three lymphatic massages at Beaura Spa that were part of my surgery and enjoyed every minute of them.  I think they really helped with the swelling.  I remember after the second one my eyes and nose watered, shedding some of that excess fluid.  I bought three more massages at the end, because I felt so good afterward,” Christine recalled.

Christine’s advice to other women considering eyelid surgery in New Jersey is to go to someone experienced and trusted by others.  There’s no substitute for experience and professionalism and Christine found Dr. Parker to be all those things and kind as well.

Christine loves the way her eyes look, she can see that her eyes are open more, giving her a fresh youthful appearance.  Both she and her husband are happy that she decided to have this surgery and so pleased with Dr. Parker and the Parker Center.

For more information about a blepharoplasty (eyelid rejuvenation) or any other cosmetic procedure board certified, New Jersey plastic surgeon Dr. Paul M. Parker can help you achieve your goals. For a personal consultation contact us online now or call (201) 967-1212.

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