Dr. Parker Tries the Parker Rejuvenation Lift

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Recently, the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery staff got a taste of their own medicine and experienced some of our cutting-edge facial treatments for themselves. Not to be left out, Dr. Parker also underwent the Parker Rejuvenation Lift procedure, a beneficial combination of skin resurfacing with the Halo™ hybrid fractional laser and Ultherapy® skin tightening.

We sat down with Dr. Parker to hear all about his experience and see his amazing results. Read on to hear for yourself just how beneficial this exciting facial rejuvenation treatment is!

Were there any specific skin concerns you were hoping treatment would help?

I think everyone has some areas of concern, whether it be a wrinkle here, some sun damage there, or a bit of extra skin that developed over time, but I was personally hoping to see improvement of fine lines and sunspots. And while I was curious to see how the Parker Rejuvenation Lift would improve my skin, my main goal was, in fact, to gain a deeper understanding of the treatment from the perspective of a patient.

As a physician, I am always recommending treatments, explaining the processes, and answering questions. To be able to do these things from a place of greater knowledge and experience is of great benefit—I wanted to feel exactly what it was like so I can tell my patients exactly what to expect.

Can you tell us about your treatment with Halo?

Around one hour prior to my procedure, a topical numbing cream was applied to ensure treatment was comfortable. My treatment with Halo lasted around half an hour and was pain-free and easy—the Halo laser is quite gentle on the skin compared to other lasers that offer comparable results.

Afterward, I experienced the same sensation as a moderate sunburn for about an hour. The sensation went away fairly quickly, though my skin was red for about 24 hours. We went to dinner with friends that night and while they didn’t mention anything at the time, they later mentioned that they simply believed me to be sunburned. Although I knew the healing process was going to be quicker than other lasers, I was pleasantly surprised that the redness did not last very long.

Halo Hybrid Fractional Laser

Day of Halo treatment

Dr. Parker immediately after treatment with Halo. Just like a day at the beach if you forgot to apply sunscreen!

I began seeing positive changes in my skin within about two weeks, including a reduction in pore size, improvement in skin tone and texture, and a smoothing of fine lines. These results continued to improve over the course of three months.

How did Ultherapy complement your results?

Because one of the biggest indicators of age is the loss of subcutaneous fat and the subsequent sagging of the skin, Ultherapy can drastically enhance skin resurfacing results. By tightening facial tissues, Ultherapy further minimizes the appearance of lines and provides a more youthful, lifted appearance.

Before & After: 3 Months

3 Months After

before                                                  after

Taking a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation reduces the risk of having “unfinished results.” Fine lines and wrinkles can detract from skin tightening or lifting—and, on the other hand, sagging or loose skin can divulge your age, even if your skin is smooth. By addressing both signs of aging, the face is fully rejuvenated and gains a brighter, more youthful appearance.

When Did You See Your Results…And Would You Do it Again?

I started to see positive changes in my skin within just a week or so, but it can take between three to six months to see your final results. Over that period of time, I noticed the quality and appearance of my skin improving gradually.

I absolutely would do it again. Being able to achieve dramatic results without the downtime or side effects of more invasive procedures is wonderful, and my skin has never looked quite so healthy. I was a fan of the Parker Rejuvenation Lift before, but now I can recommend it to my patients and show them the proof! I think most everyone can benefit from the power of these two amazing treatments.

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