Computer Imaging Is a Success for Parker Center Patients

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Patients considering cosmetic surgery at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery experience a comprehensive and educational initial consultation. Dr. Paul M. Parker believes that patient education is a cornerstone of his plastic surgery philosophy. Part of a patient’s education at the Parker Center consultation involves using computer imaging to visually understand their treatment plan.

“Patients often have a pre-conceived idea of what they’ll look like after plastic surgery. Computer imaging allows patients to see a realistic representation of what I believe to be their actual result. It also helps alleviate some of the fear and anxiety associated with plastic surgery,” explained Dr. Parker.

Liz Kolb is the expert photo imager at the Parker Center. Liz has over 17 years’ experience and thoroughly enjoys her job. In the past she worked for as a trainer for Canfield Imaging, a prominent manufacturer of computer imaging software equipment. Liz would travel around the country training plastic surgeons and their staff on using imaging software. For the past 7 years, Liz has worked at the Parker Center exclusively imaging Dr. Parker’s patients.

“Often patients will bring Dr. Parker photos of themselves from 10 or 15 years ago. These photos are great when working with facial rejuvenation patients. It allows us to see how patients previously looked and guides us in terms or restoring them to a younger version of themselves. I love seeing patients after their surgeries and just how close our computer imaging approached the actual surgical results,” said Liz.

Computer imaging is most effective with facial procedures and certain body procedures like liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck). Facial procedures which lend themselves well to imaging include eyelid rejuvenation, forehead lift, face lift, neck lift, rhinoplasty (nose job), otoplasty (prominent ear correction), chin implants, and liposuction of neck. Body procedures which lend themselves well to computer imaging include liposuction of the abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, arms, and back. Our experience with computer imaging has been that it tremendously helps patients understand what surgery can and cannot do.

Many people are fearful they’ll look like someone else after plastic surgery. When patients see themselves during our computer imaging sessions at the Parker Center, they begin to understand that following surgery, they’ll still look like an improved version of themselves. It is important to Dr. Parker that his patients look natural after plastic surgery and our computer imaging shows them this, often giving them peace of mind. Computer imaging is a great educational tool to help lessen the fear of the unknown.

“Patients love seeing how they’re going to look. Dr. Parker is warm, professional and very clear in explaining to patients what surgery can accomplish for them. Despite this, talking with a doctor may create a certain amount of anxiety in some patients. Our computer imaging will reaffirm what Dr. Parker has told them in words and convey to them visually what cosmetic surgery can realistically do for them. Computer imaging is a really exciting part of the consultation for our patients. Being an integral part of this process and knowing that they’re going to love their results, makes my job very rewarding,” Liz said.

“We use computer imaging to enhance our communication with our patients. Often, patients will come back just before surgery to see the imaging again and relieve their anxiety. It really helps make patients more comfortable,” Liz explained.

Consultations at the Parker Center with Dr. Parker are comprehensive and free. Patients meet with Dr. Parker, who listens to their concerns, performs an appropriate physical examination, and then discusses options as well as a treatment plan. Patients also meet with Angela, our nurse coordinator, who spends time explaining the anticipated recovery. Liz will then show patients their anticipated results, based on what Dr. Parker has discussed with the patient, in the imaging session. Finally, patients meet with Michelle, our patient care coordinator, who discusses scheduling, costs and financing, if appropriate. Patients have told us repeatedly how comprehensive the consultation process is at the Parker Center as well as how helpful computer imaging has been to them to visualize their anticipated results.

To learn more about our consultations or any plastic surgery procedure, visit the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery website at To schedule a consultation with Dr. Parker call our office 201-967-1212.

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