Chin Augmentation Fastest Growing Cosmetic Surgery in U.S.

Parker Center for Plastic Surgery

Statistics released last month by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reveals that chin augmentation is the fastest growingChin Augmentation New Jerseyplastic surgery procedure performed in the U.S.  There was an increase across every age demographic.  Over 20,680 chin augmentations were performed in the U.S. in 2011, which represents a 71% increase over 2010.  This is the largest increase of all plastic surgery procedures.

There are several factors that are credited with this increase, including the increased use of video chat technology such as Skype, video conferencing with webcams and FaceTime on iPhones.  Another factor is the increased popularity of Facebook.  If you attend an event, any photo of you can be tagged and posted for all to see, without your approval.

The Parker Center for Plastic Surgery has examined their own statistics and found a 150% increase in patients seeking chin augmentation. New Jersey surgeon, Dr. Paul M. Parker, uses a tapered silicone implant with a small incision in a procedure that takes about 30 minutes to perform. Patients are amazed at how this small change can make such an extraordinary difference.

“Age is the overriding factor in this type of plastic surgery.  The largest percentage increase in chin augmentation is 77% in the age group 40-54 years old. This age group is just beginning to see the effects of aging on the face with increased skin laxity.  A chin implant can make an immediate dramatic improvement,” explained New Jersey plastic surgeon, Dr. Parker.

Dr. Parker often combines a chin augmentation with other facial procedures such as rhinoplasty or liposuction of the neck when performing plastic surgery. New Jersey patients are better able to achieve a more natural and balanced symmetry of the face. For example, Dr. Parker can better balance the nose (the most prominent facial feature) with a chin implant resulting in less extensive rhinoplasty work.  Overall this produces a much more natural, pleasing appearance.

A chin implant is a relatively straightforward procedure that can be done easily by a Chin Augmentation New Jerseysurgeon who is experienced, uses his or her best judgment, skills and aesthetic eye to create the balanced symmetry that will best enhance your appearance.

“My problem was a double chin.  I really felt it made me look older than I am, 36.  Dr. Parker did a chin augmentation and liposuction on my neck.  I’m really very pleased with the results and I don’t know why I waited so long to have it done” –Dave, New Jersey chin augmentation and neck liposuction patient.

The staff at the Parker Center for Plastic Surgery understands that the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is intensely personal, especially with a facial procedure such as chin augmentation. New Jersey patients are typically looking to make small but dramatic enhancements that appear natural yet reduce signs of aging.

“With the prevalence of the Internet, most people who come to see me are very educated on the type of cosmetic procedure they are interested in.  My staff and surgical team work diligently every day to exceed their expectations. Patients often tell me that their plastic surgery was ‘a wonderful experience’ and how warm, caring and professionally everyone treated them. That’s our goal,” said New Jersey plastic surgery provider, Dr. Parker.

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